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  2. It's not so much our current government's fault. At one point in the 20th century Canada was a world leader in manufacturing vaccines but a conservative government in the 80s ended that. It's usually not an issue but unfortunately SOME countries *coughcoughcough* have been hoarding COVID vaccines and only recently started sharing them. So we were limited on the countries we could receive from. I believe the plan is to become vaccine independent again, though of course that will take a few years. But now that we do have vaccine doses coming in at a good rate, the distribution seems to be going
  3. I only list 2 two examples in recent past this week of my experience so as to have a brevity type of correspondence with you. If you need full list for your entertainment or emulation I can provide in PM! Welfare! P.S. There is one that you could not perform with the emulation according to laws in your country, so I can omit. Or, I can leave in list so that when travelling after Covid situation you can emulate in full set of list ticks. It is your decision!
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  5. Fantastic tape of Spliz Enz on the True Colours tour. Denver, Halloween 1980. Neil Finn is 22 years old @ this point.
  6. The Swedish experience is so foreign to me, Lotti, but you make it all sound so fun!
  7. Ha ha! We also have this euphonium in Swedish language! Of course it is most often used in scenario of sauna situation, but can apply for whenever such like event occurs e.g. I had a spill at the meeting of PTA, I had a spill in car park with attendant - if you want to hear of two examples in recent past this week of my experience. Welfare!
  8. Why? Because it's Mothers' Day and I just know you've all got so much love planned for dear old Mom! 🌻🌼🌹 It doesn't matter what kind of mother you are...if you are a nurturer who makes another creature feel loved, protected, and supported, you are among the world's most valuable resources. Gold and diamonds don't even come close. Thank you, moms. 🐘🌞
  9. If you don't believe in touchdowns, this might be more your game.
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  11. How confident should we feel that the August shows in the States will go off okay? I'm feeling optimistic, with COVID slowing down & vaccinations increasing daily. Got my fingers crossed!
  12. Glad you were able to get started on vaccination. I have been worried about some friends in Canada. I was shocked when I learned that there was so much trouble with vaccinations in Canada. The government up there seems to usually have their act together.
  13. Yeah things are moving really quickly now which is great. I got the Pfizer, so yeah maybe I can get my sick day next go around haha 😅
  14. I'm glad the Canadian vaccine logjam seems to finally be breaking up and you guys are able to get your shots! What type did you get, Kevin? With Pfizer or Moderna you'll probably going to have a reaction to the 2nd shot that will deserve a day off work! 🙂 Sorry your arm is so sore. I've been told you need to keep it moving as much as you can to shorten the duration of the pain. Ow.
  15. Shot one acquired last night! I was hoping for flu-like symptoms so I could take a guilt free day off work but no such luck. Arm is sore as heck though. I'm surprised you folks were able to get pictures of your shots, they were very strict about no photos in the shot area, probably since a medical area and there's privacy issues. It's ok though, I'm just happy to have my shot. My whole family has at least their first shot now except my wife but she gets hers on Wednesday.
  16. Forgot to put this in post: still waiting for Wilco & DBT make up dates!
  17. The Tweedy Show Thursday May 6 Episode 174 # animated intro on screen. -- Susie announces that Spencer will be playing with OHMME and Liam's band this weekend at the True/False Film Fest in Columbia, MO. -- Jeff mentions that he had a spill in the hot tub. He hit his head and his shoulder. -- Jeff gives a plug for Mark's guitar straps IG page. @loft_relics_guitar_straps Everybody's Talkin' (Fred Neil cover sung by Spencer.) -- Susie tells Jeff that tomorrow is Diane's birthday which leads him to make a brief birthday song in a Jonathan Richman voice. :: video stream paused
  18. Just bought tickets for the Flaming Lips in Seattle. May 4, 2022 in a big club. Not a bubble show. As usual with the Lips, fan-friendly pricing. Hopefully the show & myself will be happening.
  19. Is that date official? I don’t see it on summerfest or Wilco’s website. ope, see you can filter by date. Awesome.
  20. 9/10/21 They need to update that bio! https://www.summerfest.com/artist/wilco "Wilco return with Ode to Joy, out October 4th via dBpm Records."
  21. Summerfest just announced their initial lineup and Wilco is a ground stage headliner. Will have to be one of the first two weekends since the third weekend is the TBT tour dates. Haven’t seen a ground show at summerfest in 20 years but I think I’ll break my streak for this!
  22. I don't know how many times I've seen Do the Right Thing since 1989--I teach it most semesters--but my admiration only continues to deepen. I think it's an enduring American classic that, unfortunately, has lost none of its cultural urgency.
  23. BAD REPUTATION / dir. Kevin Kerslake, USA, 2018 HOW TO BUILD A GIRL / dir. Coky Giedroyc, UK, 2018 I’m rather allergic to overly celebratory nonfiction biographies that seem like Wikipedia entries with video clips, but what the hell: I enjoyed “Bad Reputation” because I like Joan Jett and I, um, love rock ‘n’ roll. Speaking of music, I also had mixed feelings about the coming-of-age comedy “How to Build a Girl,” but Beanie Feldstein’s performance as teen rock journalist Johanna Morrigan contains multitudes. By turns she is a mouse, a chameleon, and a circus ringleader,
  24. Meriweather, Des Moines and, and, and.......
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