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  2. Assuming travel and everything works out, the wife and I will be back in for Portland. It really sucks that Vancouver and Calgary are both shows that got cancelled. Hopefully the band is planning a long overdue Canadian tour for 2022.
  3. One more click would have answered my question! Thank you! Now I just need to figure out which night is my Oakland show... edit: And now, as if out of nowhere, I've got an e-mail from Bandcamp with a "message from Wilco", and the dates are updated on the Facebook event for the Oakland show. But Ticketmaster still hasn't updated their dates.
  4. So, I finally got an e-mail last week letting me know that the Fillmore show was cancelled, and I'll be getting a refund. Still no word on San Jose or Oakland!
  5. Something fun, perhaps swap some song / stories around them. 1) Midnight Rambler - Being from Boston and just a kid of 12 when it came out I started to like it, and purchased My first Stones Album; Get Yer Yah Yahs Out 2) Brown Sugar after completing Walk For Hunger walk at 13, I arrived on the Boston Common to hear opening chords of Brown Sugar was being played live by a local band . It stuck with me. 3) Honky Tonk Women - Always a fun one when The Stones do it live. It was the first song I sang with my buddies cover band. What's Some of Yours and Why..?
  6. The Tweedy Show Monday June 21 Episode 186 -- Peter welcomes the clients to the show. # animated intro on screen. What's The World Got In Store? (w Spencer on backing vocals & thigh slaps. Dedicated to Grandma Norma.) What Light (w Spencer on backing vocals & thigh slaps. Dedicated to Michelle for her birthday.) -- Jeff says that the next song was released 31 years ago. Screen Door (w Spencer on backing vocals & thigh slaps. -- Susie admits that she misses Uncle Tupelo and jokes that there will be a reunion soon. -- Peter tells the joke about Sarah & Mois
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  9. Happy Father's Day, dads! Thanks for everything you do!
  10. Hope those of you who are fathers enjoy a great day and that you'l know what a difference your love makes in the lives of your children. And for those whose dads are still in your lives, hug their necks and tell them how much you love them.
  11. The Tweedy Show Thursday June 17 Episode 185 -- Spencer, Casey & Basil welcome the clients to the Tweedy Show. # animated intro on screen. -- Susie mentions that her neighbor, Diana, knit a Basil doll which Jeff is holding. Sunloathe (w Spencer on drums. Jeff on electric guitar.) -- Jeff says happy birthday to John Winston Powell. Happy birthday Joshua. Part Of The Union (Strawbs cover sung & performed on drums by Spencer. Jeff on backing vocals. Dedicated to the Tweedy Show Client Union.) "I Was Such A Clown (It's All Over Now)" (Jeff surprised Susie with this song
  12. if anyone still needs a vinyl copy of the most excellent 4LP set Way Down In The Rust Bucket, you'll not find a better deal anywhere: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08T3JLCDH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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  14. HAhahahahaha. No danger of me unseating U2Roolz in the re-capping department. I never, ever update the spreadsheet without cross-referencing/double-checking my notes against his as I go. It takes a village, ya know.
  15. Wally Pipp was the first baseman for New York Yankees. In 1925 he sat out a game because he had a headache. He was replaced in the line-up that day by a young player named Lou Gehrig. Gehrig then played 2130 consecutive games for the Yankees - 15 years without missing a game. Wally Pipp took one day off and never got back in the line-up.
  16. Thanks everybody. (I don't know what or who Wally Pipp'd is, but as I said, I'm glad to help when needed.)
  17. Sorry, just now seeing this. You're very welcome; I'm happy to help. I actually didn't recall the song when he played it, but I went to enter "Please Be Wrong" on the spreadsheet, I saw that I had it listed as "Please Be Wrong About Me" from before. Likewise, Pittsburgh didn't sound familiar to me, either, but clearly that doesn't mean he hasn't plaid it before.
  18. The Tweedy Show Monday June 14 Episode 184 -- Jeff & his harmonica welcome the clients to the Tweedy Show. # animated intro on screen. Fixture Picture (Aldous Harding cover sung & performed on drums by Spencer. Jeff on backing vocals.) -- Susie explains the mysterious blue suitcase near the drum set & shows her suitcase collection. -- Jeff didn't jump into Lake Michigan with the lake jumper because he was wearing sweatpants. Magnetized (w Spencer on drums.) -- Jeff & Spencer talk about the magnetic conspiracy theories in regards to the Covid vaccine. Fake
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