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  2. The Tweedy Show Tuesday October 27 Episode 111 # animated intro on screen -- Susie reveals that she just woke up from a nap and is discombobulated. Pick Up The Change (w Spencer on drums) -- Susie doesn't think that there will be a show on Election Day (which is Tuesday November 3rd for the folks outside of the U.S.) -- Jeff talks about being interviewed today by public radio which will air at a later date. -- Jeff talks about the "real" Jeff Tweedy (of Sean John clothing) challenging him to a duel over the ownership of the Jeff Tweedy name. -- Jeff questions Susie's response to his origin story of The Tweedy Show on Colbert's show from Monday evening. Susie says that she was never depressed in bed before the first episode. -- Spencer reads texts dating back to March to check "the paper trail" for the truth. -- Jeff ponders if they should go back to 7 nights a week if things get locked down again. -- Jeff talks about Bruce Springsteen -- Jeff discusses trains -- false start of Evergreen Evergreen (w Spencer & Sammy on backing vocals) I'll Be Here In The Morning (Townes Van Zandt cover sung by Sammy) -- Jeff brings up Sam Rockwell's prosthetic butt in Safe Men -- Jeff strums & hums a bit of Shuggie Otis' Strawberry Letter 23 which is a client request. -- Jeff is nervous about the suitcases popping up near the front door. Plateau (Meat Puppets cover w Spencer & Sammy on backing vocals) -- Susie asks if that song was a predecessor to WAP because it mentions "a bucket and a mop", so Spencer comes up with Wet Ass Plateau as a title. -- the Tweedy family sing songs that they made up over the years. Christ For President (sung in a lower key) -- "Don't write in Jesus." - Sammy -- the Tweedy family discuss voting. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  3. I knew that Neil Finn had some Crowded House music coming out soon. I didn’t expect a new single to drop tomorrow. Pleasantly surprised!
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  5. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/jeff-tweedy-new-album-book-election-interview-1079155/ Really good interview with Jeff. I thought it was interesting that he said he's got Together Again (vol 2 of the acoustic loft sessions) in the can, but it's not on the release schedule. Hopefully that will see the light of day sooner than later! Also some hopeful comments about a new Wilco record that has me pretty fucking excited.
  6. Just finished it last night and I have pretty much the same opinion. I also write songs at a slow trickle (been writing for about 20 years and I've got around 30 songs to show for it) but I still learned a lot from reading the book. And it's such an easy read I can see myself reading it again from time to time. I particularly benefitted from the stuff about writing lyrics because I've always found making the music easier but lyrics are more difficult. I'm quite grateful that he put in the effort to write this book. He'll inspire more people to make their own art. His idea that the best music for him is the music that inspires him to make his own music really resonated with me. There are some artists who I hear and all I want to do after listening to them is pick up a guitar and write some songs. Jeff is one of those artists to me (which he'd probably be happy to hear). After finishing the book I tried the "write a song with a time limit" exercise. I had one chord progression kicking around for the last two weeks and as I put the kettle on to boil some water, I thought, "let me work on this song until the kettle whistles". I didn't quite finish the song, but I got some nice melodies, some new related chord progressions, and a few good lyrics. It's sort of 80% there instead of what it had been 10 minutes earlier, which was just a single chord progression and nothing more. And I will work on it more today! It was also a nice surprise (though not too surprising, I guess) to hear how much Jeff loves the song "Andromeda" by Weyes Blood. Such a good one. For those who haven't heard it,...
  7. If you buy the cd now, as a preorder, you will also receive a free download of the album. So while you won't get your cd until January, you can listen to the download immediately. I like cd's so I've just downloaded & burned to cd.
  8. Last week
  9. Same - we got about 30 minutes in and lost interest. The skit I remember was when he was dictating a fax to some poor old guy working at the neighborhood Kinkos.
  10. I'm pretty sure he mentioned that he wanted to get this record out there and the production of CDs and vinyls take time, especially now with COVID.
  11. I enjoyed the performance & like the new record plenty. I tried to go buy the cd but was surprised to find out it won't be released until January. Things sure have changed regarding marketing.
  12. Don't miss this appearance! Jeff Tweedy on CBS This Morning, 10-24-20
  13. “Opaline” is already one of my favourite JT songs, full stop.
  14. Thanks it was a very nice time!
  15. Borat just doesn’t do it for me. Even knowing the Rudy scene was ahead couldn’t keep me watching. I gave up about 30 mins in. I just don’t find the character or premise all that funny or interesting. 🤷‍♂️
  16. Haven't had time yet to watch it all, but the first half is magnificent...the setting, Jeff's voice, the songs chosen...thanks for sharing this, and I can't wait to watch the rest!
  17. That'll be a blast! Have a great time!
  18. WOW! Take me to the Islands, Mon! That was pure tropical delight.
  19. I really enjoyed it, but... Special Thanks to Neuroglue for bringing back the Spoiler tag feature. It’s the EYE in the toolbar.
  20. The Tweedy Show Special Edition: Love Is The King Saturday October 24 Episode 110 # animated intro in screen ^ Love Is The King -- Jeff welcomes the European clients to the special Saturday show. Jeff acknowledges that this is the 110th episode. + Opaline -- Susie says that Opaline has 4 fake out endings. -- Susie mentions that everyone loved Jeff's CBS This Morning segment earlier today. -- a quick review on last night's incredible vegan shells. + A Robin Or A Wren -- Jeff introduces Susie to the new clients tuning in, as he picks up a new guitar which leads Susie to quip back with "what? that guitar is your wife?" + Gwendolyn -- Jeff explains that The Tweedy Show began as a way to stay in touch with the fans. He also mentions that the new songs were played over the past 100 plus episodes. -- Jeff introduces the band. Sammy on backing vocals. Spencer on drums. Sima Cunningham on backing vocals. Liam Kazar on bass. James Elkington on guitar. ^ Bad Day Lately ^ Even I Can See -- Jeff reaches his hand out to Susie's as soon as the song ends. -- "please clap." Jeff says mocking Jeb Bush. + Natural Disaster -- Jeff explains that Save It For Me is sort of the theme song for this show. He reminisces about listening to an early mix of the song way back on episode 1 in the bathtub. + Save It For Me + Guess Again -- "that was another song for you." - Jeff % Troubled -- "It looks like we're having a family talent show" - Susie -- false start for Half-Asleep + Half-Asleep -- Jeff wants to play a song by Jerry Jeff Walker who died yesterday. $ Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker cover) -- Jeff tries to work out the verses that he mixed up on Mr. Bojangles. Jeff realizes that the lyrics that he printed up were incorrect. + Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) ^ w James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass. Spencer on drums. + w James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass. Spencer on drums. Sima Cunningham on backing vocals. Sammy on backing vocals. % James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass. Spencer on drums. Sima Cunningham on acoustic guitar. Sammy on backing vocals. $ James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass & backing vocals. Sima Cunningham on backing vocals. Sammy on backing vocals. Spencer on drums.
  21. I really enjoyed this. Especially the debutante ball.
  22. Yes! It sounds very live but still pristine quality. Some parts remind me of Neil’s Harvest and other parts feel like some 50s country band. The music feels so real and it has depth.
  23. In 1942 both Citizen Kane and The Maltese Falcon were Best Picture nominees. Neither won. Last night I watched the movie that beat out both to win the big prize.
  24. Thanks!! I have such withdrawal I am way more excited then I would normally be 😎. Bringing my kids too for their second ever concert after the Jayhawks 😏
  25. Enjoy! Lord, I miss live music!!
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