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  2. That is one hell of a setlist. Yes bring it on to LA please.
  3. I'm going to need Pot Kettle Black in L.A. at some point. Work your magic.🙂
  4. Le thread, c'est garait (that means 'parked' en Français, Tatlock)...ooh la la. Eyes will now be shut for several hours and then perhaps some further verbiage will appear. Well, as far as first nights of two-night stands go (...by a veteran band halfway through its first headlining tour amid a still-raging global pandemic during which indoor shows require proof of vaccination and masks to be worn...), you'd probably be hard pressed to do much better than what Wilco delivered to a near-capacity crowd at the still-gleaming Fox Theater in Oakland tonight. I'm not going to
  5. +1 in favour of an Antics Avenue just to the right from Banter Corner.
  6. Yesterday
  7. sigh.... as husband Scott might say.... "AW SHIT MAN!" Glad they're sprinkling it in to some of the single-night shows. Still got Oakland tho! Cheers!
  8. Well, getting a genuine laugh out of you is virtually my sole aim here, so mission accomplished!
  9. I enjoyed watching this. An interesting guy.
  10. Was sitting just under the lip of the balcony for this one. The crowd did stand up when Jeff mentioned it. I was surprised at the amount of sitters prior to that moment. The one moment of chatter interruptus came by a giggler during reservations. Which after the near silence of the crowd in Bellingham during that lovely song, really ticked me off. I love concerts in small towns for this reason. People generally are there to see the music…not be seen.
  11. He mentioned my name. Swoon . . . (And I did genuinely laugh out loud reading that, so, you know, ta.)
  12. [Another day, another thread parked, another Tatlock left twisting in the wind... ] Well, there is apparently plenty to do in San José on a Saturday night — especially during hockey season, when the hometown Sharks are opening their season at home — but for those folks who decided to spend their evening with Wilco (and opening act Faye Webster) at the San José Civic, the headliners made it worthwhile to catch their show, whether it had been one day or many years since you had last seen them play. Or, indeed, even if you had never seen them perform live before, which I know was the
  13. Last week
  14. We were out in Napa last week and stayed about a 2 min drive from Oxbow Market. Really cool place with great food, although I wish our timing was just a little better so we could have seen the show!
  15. There’s plenty of scary stuff in The Last Duel, even if it functions as a Rashomon-style drama about sexual assault in medieval France rather than horror. I didn’t care for Ridley Scott’s decision to iron everything into a smooth, gray/blue haze--it feels like an affectation for a story already muddied by its competing versions of truth--but otherwise the movie is one of his stronger exercises in narrative. I found it curious how the screenplay makes its biggest, obvious points with a battle-axe but then presents deeper ideas in subtle, easy-to-miss ways. This is especially true in its final t
  16. That VU doc was such a wonderful, woozy experience. Loved it.
  17. Wore this record out....Firefly Child!
  18. You are allowed to be slack at weekends since my tea schedule changes from a normal work day, so no problem! Plus it's a bug day of domestic Welsh rugby today so I have other distractions.
  19. Thanks for the list. I was there and missed what it was about the ending of Forget the Flowers that prompted Jeff to say that ending wouldn't happen again, to which Nels replied, "I hope not." Jeff said Nels must not be a Green Acres fan. It was really great to see Jeff do his old Hummingbird jog-dance.
  20. Whoa! Thanks for the heads-up on this.
  21. [A bit of slacking on my part as we reach the pivot point of this West Coast run. Only eight more shows to go. Apologies, Tatlock, and other faithful readers for not having copy ready for morning coffee or afternoon tea time. ] Here's a new twist on that old tertiary-market thing that I hadn't thought of before tonight: Can a place be a tertiary market if most of the people who attend a given show there aren't even from there? That's one I'll have to give a little more thought to, I suppose, not to mention the simpler question of whether Napa even qualifies as a tertiary market at
  22. old school southern rock. singer has got some pipes for sure.
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