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  2. Fantastic! At the show, I ran into a former work colleague and we ended up standing together. Despite being obsessed with Wilco, he is a recent convert (for which I'm claiming credit!) and Friday was his first time seeing Wilco live. He, too, was knocked out by the "Via Chicago" presentation. "Do they always play it that way live,?" he asked, with a thrill in his voice. "This is epic."
  3. As always, it was a pleasure to see you, too! Perhaps worth noting is how the crowd seemed to have a relatively even mix of Wilco diehards and Trampled by Turtles devotees, unlike the Sleater-Kinney/Wilco shows, which were heavily lopsided in Wilco's favor. Both fanbases, though, seemed ready to groove equally along with both bands (if only American life were always so harmonious and generous of spirit). The weather was a gift. Earlier forecasts predicted afternoon thunderstorms and scattered rain into the evening, but the climate gods waved away all the storms, perhaps because "Via Chicago" a
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  5. Nice to hear it's settling in to the setlist... here's hoping it can make the long drive out west next month. And "unsettling"? I suppose. And right on the heels of Via Chicago, it's certainly a double dose of vivid imagery. One of my theories on the song is that it's the answer to the question "What if the 'dream' last night in Via Chicago wasn't really a dream after all?", which is why it's often played right after VC. But it's not like it's a murder ballad or anything. Oh, wait. Never mind.
  6. The Connells. First time I’ve seen them since April 18, 2002. So excited!
  7. Agreed: lovely evening, delightful show. I took a friend for his first Wilco show and he was suitably impressed. He’s into musicals, done a little performing, etc. and was enthralled by the theatrical nature of Via Chicago: a murderous narrator remaining calm while the music/lights reveal his disintegrating mind. Not really news to anyone, but kind of cool to see an old favorite through new eyes.
  8. With apologies to Bob Seger, who of course once sang about that old time rock 'n' roll soothing his soul, sometimes having good friends with you (not to mention a perfect spot to stand), an intimate venue (well, as intimate as a small baseball stadium can be), a good sound system (or at least a monitor pointed right at you) and pleasantly cool (but not at all cold) conditions doesn't hurt either. Such was the case for me personally tonight at the somewhat generically named Capital Credit Union Park on the outskirts of Green Bay, Wis., home of the much-less generically named Green B
  9. Thanks, Paul. Judy and I made it to Chattanooga for this festival and I have been meaning to post something about it here. This is a lovely festival in a perfect location, in a large park on the Tennessee River. The festival organizers are Drew and Ellie Holcomb, who are fixtures in the Nashville music scene. Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors played the set just before Wilco, on the main stage, with Dr. Dog closing out the day's activities on the smaller stage across the park. During his (well received) set, Drew exhorted the audience to stick around for Wilco, who he called "the best
  10. Trampled by Tyranny, LOL. Wilco should add their hit song, Vaccinating Beauty, to these setlists.
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  12. Good afternoon. I noticed you were able to get a refund for your Jeff Tweedy tickets at BK Made. I was wondering if you could let me know how you did that since I am unable to attend that show. Thanks!

  13. Thanks for the details bbop. Water Works park is on one of Des Moines' main bike paths, so -- like a hundred or so other attendees -- I rode my bike to the show. This mean I didn't notices the protesters. Thankfully. That illuminates Jeff's comments a bit. So sick of my state. It was different 5-10 years ago.
  14. Awesome! Glad you went! When things were looking better in June I attended show at beacon sold out I was one of 5 people wearing a mask 😕!
  15. Dead & Co. The last band I saw in '19 was Sleep. From one "stoner rock" band to another (kind of).
  16. It was SO great! So glad I went! Very glad I was sitting in the sparsely filled balcony where most people adhered to the mask requirement. Unlike down front up against the stage where it was packed and no one wore a mask. I felt more like myself last night than I have for the better part of two years!
  17. Just got turned on to The Beths about a month ago. Great band.
  18. Listening to Star Wars on Spotify this morning and I noticed this.
  19. I can't offer much except to say it was a pretty perfect night. Band was in great form. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Jeff, at one point, asked the audience if masks were tyranny or love (paraphrasing). Referenced Gabe's Oasis (an old Iowa City venue) before playing Box Full of Letters. There are few things in life that make me as happy as Wilco live.
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