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  2. So please tell me this cretin won't be getting away with his crap? Will the GOP look the other way and hope the news moves on? Are these people ever going to be held to account? Politics (currently at least) suck. I understand he uses Venmo for all his minor purchases. Can I at least get a rim shot for that one? 🙂
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  4. I was surprised that where I work does not make it mandatory. I guess it comes down to some sort of legal thing. But - they did say there would be penalties for those who did not wear a mask at work. Had the 2nd one at 8:30 this morning Not feeling very well as the day went on
  5. I'm fine with people not getting vaccine. Just make sure they can't use public transportation, go to concerts & sports, eat in restaurants, etc. Maybe bring back leper colonies. Only sort of kidding.
  6. The governor in my state found out the other day that the girl's basketball team he coaches had turned down the vaccine. He was not too happy about that. As he spends time everyday trying to get people to not buy into rumors or other such nonsense.
  7. Finished the Hemingway documentary on PBS (Ken Burns and Lynn Novick) and started The Imposter (Netflix).
  8. True! It's like a tornado hitting random houses on a block. Fortunately it passes quickly. Better vaccinated than the coughing, stranging alternative. I hope people will listen to their own good common sense and not some "I'm a prophet" evangelical yahoo.
  9. We have tickets for two Wilco shows: A few weeks ago we scored greats seats for the Wilco/Sleater-Kinney show in St. Louis (August), and we have tickets for Wilco in Green Bay for September, which is a show rescheduled from last fall. Our last show before the pandemic was Wilco (Madison), so it feels fitting for Wilco to be our first show back, too. Especially since the Tweedy Show provided near-daily sustenance in between!
  10. Thank for noting the Merriweather show. Still some good seats left.
  11. Interesting how it varies - age/gender/physical condition do not seem to matter
  12. I logged four miles on a treadmill and cycled for 30 minutes last night after my second Pfizer shot. I feel fine. My arm isn't even sore like it was after my first shot.
  13. For what it worth, out of the 24 or so people I know who had their 2nd shot - 2 had issues - nothing major, just felt like crap. Out of those two, one had Pfizer and the other Moderna. My 2nd shot is on this Tuesday -- which happens to be 4-20 --- afterwards I am going to have a smoke and relax. Will wait for the end of the month to finally have beer at my local pub.
  14. My sister got her second (pzifer) yesterday. Said her arm is still crazy sore and she was awake all night with body aches. I'm getting mine this afternoon, so planning a weekend of Tylenol and sleep!
  15. One small tweak to the Episode 168 notes: Jeff also sang backing vocals on The Air That I Breathe. He's off camera, but you can distinctly hear three voices on the choruses.
  16. I heard a few songs on xmu on Sirius I like it enough and only 25 min from my house so I’m giving it a go 😎
  17. Ah at least two of those are Jersey shows shouldn’t be as bad 🙂hope all else is well?!
  18. Washington just opened up vaccine eligibility to all over age 16 yesterday. Of course getting an appointment is absolute mayhem. I'm glad I was able to get started a month ago. I'm getting my second shot of Moderne on Saturday. I anticipate that it is going to put me out of commission for a few days. I got really sick for 3 days after the first one. Pretty sure the reason is I have to take a lot of exotic drugs (chemo, etc) & they don't mix well with vaccines. I usually don't feel well after the yearly mega-flu shot & was pretty ill after getting the shingles vaccine. Vaccine has to be done though. Fortunately (in this instance anyway) I don't have to worry about work as I had to retire on disability 2 years ago. I'll put up with being sick for a few days if it means I can leave my apartment & interact with people some after over a year of isolation.
  19. Waxahatchee is the stage name of songbird Katie Crutchfield. She's really talented. Her latest album is called "St. Cloud" and is one of the year's best, honestly. Try the songs "Lilacs" or "Can't Do Much". The entire album is great.
  20. Hoodoo Gurus at Webster Hall Robyn Hitchcock at Outpost in the Burbs Luna at White Eagle Hall edit: Actually, they’re not as close together as I thought. The first two are a week apart, but Luna is a month later. I never heard of Waxahatchee....
  21. I nabbed tickets today for Waxahatchee in September, at 2 venues I couldn't choose between...The First Congregational Church of Los Angeles on the 24th, then out in the boonies of Pioneertown at the legendary Pappy & Harriet's the following night. We're inbetween the 2 venues. Gonna be a lot of driving for a couple days! These may be my first forays back into live music. I can't wait, but it's going to be weird to have people close after avoiding them for over a year!
  22. What do you have lined up? I am grabbing a waxahatche ticket for jersey city oct 9
  23. The Tweedy Show Thursday April 15 Episode 168 # animated intro on screen -- Peter has WiFi issues, so he can't join in via Alexa. -- Jeff explains the history or the band name of The Ramones, after someone mentions that Joey Ramone died 20 years ago today. Sick Server (w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff talks about an incident today where someone drove into a house on his street earlier today. -- Jeff coins "The Grohling Stones", after he mentions that Dave Grohl just released a song with Mick Jagger. -- Jeff believes that good cops need to step up to help things change for the better. -- Spencer tries to help the people who aren't as upset with police brutality by discussing the police killing 13 year old Adam Toledo. -- Jeff mentions that he's using his third most used guitar on the show, even though they look identical. He places numerical stickers on the neck of the guitar. ...Ten Sentences (w Spencer on drums) Ashes Of American Flags "When I Look At The Sky" (untitled new song) The Air That I Breathe (The Hollies cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) -- Jeff talks about the Dad Weed that he got as a gift. Wishing Stone (Case Oats original sung by Casey w Spencer on guitar.) Mi Shebeirach (Debbie Friedman cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals. Dedicated to the family of Adam Toledo.) -- Jeff thanks everyone for continuing to come back to The Tweedy Show. -- Jeff thinks that White Castle's Impossible Burgers sit right on his heart. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) -- Jeff jokes that the clients should check out his single with Jimmy Page in a few weeks. He thinks of other British rock stars to do a duet with to compete with Dave Grohl.
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