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  2. Come on now, it's okay. I won't get mad at you. I just thought your bummer sounded potentially avoidable.
  3. I spoke to two teachers today. One who still works in the district I worked in ten years ago when Sandy Hook happened, where there was an emergency faculty meeting in the very early hours before school where everyone was distraught. The other works in the district I retired from 7 months ago. Both teachers told me their districts completely ignored the recent events in Texas. I was shocked, although I probably shouldn’t be. It did cement in my head that retiring from public education was a very good decision. Best of luck to all the teachers here. You will need it.
  4. Hey, I'll be happy to be wrong. I thought it was OK to post critical and negative feelings/opinions here unlike the Facebook group. Guess I was wrong.
  5. So you listened to some of the music and liked it. But reading about the music you haven't heard leads you to determine you won't like songs you haven't heard and that makes you feel sad. Preemptive disappointment is very 21st century.
  6. Today was my kid's last day of school (4th and 6th grade) --- both stoked for the summer. Sadly, I can imagine the slain kids/teachers (as well as the survivors) talking about the upcoming summer vacation, yesterday... I would love a complete ban, but it has to be much, much harder to purchase guns, ammo, and body armor ( I am not even sure why the hell body armor is buyable by the general public).
  7. I'd love an art pop record. Can you say "Summerteeth"? That was the first Wilco record I freaked out on. I liked the first 2 quite a bit but "Summerteeth" totally blew me away. I always say that it's their Brian Wilson record. Still love it. Probably my favorite Wilco record, followed by YHF & AGIB. That's not to say I don't like the other ones. They all have at least some good stuff. There's a few I like on the new one but maybe it could've used a bit of editing.
  8. Unfortunately, this is my impression based on media reviews and the few people who have been brave enough on the fan pages to speak in less than raving terms. All the descriptions indicate it will be, to my taste, another pretty bland record. That’ll make three in a row. I very much want to be proven wrong and will give it an honest chance to win me over.
  9. Putting the pieces together from the reviews I've read, I can tell this is gonna be another disappointing offering for me. I had high hopes based on the first song released and the description of the album as a "country" album, but I fear this will be another one I probably won't think about in a few months (along with Star Wars, Schmilco, and Ode to Joy). That saddens me.
  10. Afghan Whigs cancelled tonight for being covid positive and now they rescheduled to my wife’s bday so guess I’m not seeing them probably 😕
  11. Good point. Is Tony Bennet still alive?
  12. If you want a top 10 hit, you'll have to go even sexier than Buble'. The best he's ever done is No. 20.
  13. 7th grade too. Exactly my sentiment. Man, I hadn't thought about that song in a long time. Will have to fire it up later.
  14. For me, Patterson Hood put it best in " Thoughts & Prayers:" When my children's eyes look at me and they ask me to explain It hurts me that I have to look away The powers that be are in for shame and comeuppance When Generation Lockdown has their day They'll throw the bums all out and drain the swamp for real Perp walk them down the Capitol steps and show them how it feels Tramp the dirt down, Jesus, you can pray the rod they'll spare Stick it up your ass with your useless thoughts and prayers Stick it up your ass with your useless thoughts and prayers
  15. What if Jeff were replaced by more a Michael Buble type? Checks the sexy box, and also brings in that key older female demographic. Seems like a win win for everybody.
  16. 7th grade teacher here. I don't see my students until 9:10 and I still can't figure out what to say. I just can't look them in the eye and tell them it is going to get better when I know it won't. Nothing is going to change. All bets are off once tragedies like Sandy Hook became acceptable in our country.
  17. Just awful. I teach. Earlier this year, right before winter break, some kids spread rumors about an upcoming shooting in our school. Half the parents came to pick up their kids. Then, the nationwide tik tok threat (most of you probably don't even remember that in our current shitstorm), lots of kids missed several days before break. A renewed call to arm teachers. The same damn politicians who don't trust us with our JOBS want to arms us.
  18. Please don't let these tickets go to waste. If you can use them, tell me your story.
  19. Nice! I caught them on the 1965 tour first hardly knew them but knew of them and they blew me away! Possibly one of the best live openings ever they played Superstition>Going to Town it was amazing!
  20. I got tickets for them, too but it's not until the fall. Long time faves. I saw them back before they got their major label deal & have been a fan since. I think "Black Love" is 1 of the most criminally underrated records of all time. "Faded" still gives me chills after all these years.
  21. I was a teacher when Sandy Hook happened. They called us all into school very early in the morning the next day for an emergency faculty meeting. Everyone was beyond horrified and thought for sure it could never happen again. Ten years later and here we are again. I’m retired now, but am guessing there will be emergency faculty meetings again this morning. And, more local to me, where I go, and how I travel, there’s the man who was randomly shot dead on the subway in the Canal St. area of NYC while on his way to brunch on the other day. Ten people gunned down in
  22. Make it stop. Please, help make it stop. Wherever you are, whoever, whatever the means you have...influence, money, a voice, passion on this horrible subject.... Speak up. Speak up! Make it stop. Keep pushing until it stops. Make it stop however you, personally, can. Between us all we'll create the will to end the gun lobby.
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  24. Lighting out shortly for Brooklyn, and in the morning North Adams. Can’t Wait. It’s been a minute since I last pointed the car towards WesternMass. Safe travels to all my fellow fans. See ya at Joe’s.
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