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  2. I had a few more pics to share, but I can't figure out how to do so. I keep getting a message indicating I'm only allowed to share a certain amount of bytes. Oh, well. There have been a few highlights in an otherwise "meh" year. I'm very appreciative for them. And for everyone here. Hope everyone's enjoyed a wonderful, safe holiday.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you, our fearless leader, and to everyone at Via Chicago! It's certainly been a trying year. Before all hell broke loose I managed to squeeze in a few concerts, including a Bottle Rockets/Robbie Fulks show at a very cool venue in Baton Rouge. Although the annual barbecue cookoff/festival benefitting pediatric brain cancer in which I participate didn't happen, we did meet for the plot draft. That meant free beer and a brewery tour which led to an interesting discovery. I was also fortunate enough to experience my first Cajun Mardi Gras with family. I had so much fun I ordered a costume for when Mardi Gras returns.
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  5. Because it's a special day in America I am NOT going to make a petty comment reminding you all that real Thanksgiving was last month. Happy Thanksgiving you guys!!
  6. This has been a year in which the happiest among us struggle to feel cheered, and the truly struggling among us are just trying to make it through winter alive. So I am the first to understand if finding joy and gratitude right now feels like a bitter exercise. But I hope we can find those separate moments of the year just passing where we recognize that life was beautiful for a brief flash. That undercurrent of love that drives life hasn't gone. We just need to focus to see it. Tell me the beauties 2020 brought you, that brought you joy. They are worth commemorating and celebrating! Let's see pictures, if you have them! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, VIA CHICAGO!
  7. With love to all our American members and of course all of the world's most inspiring band and everyone who surrounds them and makes this wonderful community.... I thank you. This is Thanksgiving and I can hardly give enough thanks to explain why this band and their members and families and all of the Via Chicago community are so precious to me. You have no idea. Or maybe you do, because Wilco affects people so deeply. I know from 20 years of first-hand stories how deeply. Tell me a story. Long or short, doesn't matter. Tell me why you are so grateful that you discovered this band. And Happy Thanksgiving, all of you folks with exquisite musical taste. You rule!
  8. Well God knows I am, Vince!!!!
  9. I'm with gogo. There needs to be a name for this feeling. Where's the damned "like" button?
  10. Confirmed - original album on two slabs are black, others are color.
  11. Emma Swift. Her recent album of Dylan covers is really good & produced by Pat Sansone to boot! She also lives with Robyn Hitchcock & has been streaming shows of cover versions with him. I heard the 80s one & it's really fun.
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  13. Can those with the boxset confirm that the Summerteeth album is the only records on black vinyl? I've heard conflicting reports that the live discs are on black as well. Just curious!
  14. Hey Donna, great to see we share a common love for Basia Bulat! Would've seen her last month in Amsterdam and Brussels, if not for the damn pandemic.. Also highly favorable: Jenny Lewis, Christine Fellows, Kathleen Edwards, Dawn Landes, Meg Baird, Phoebe Bridgers, Amy Millan, Molly Rankin (Alvvays) and Lili Trifilio (Beach Bunny).
  15. Yeah, that was a great idea. Inspired me to do something similar on my own post!
  16. I have a bit of bad luck history with the show that they dropped today: Jeff solo in Los Angeles February 2006. I made plans to have a family trip to hit up LA during the first week of February. It was from Super Bowl Sunday to Sunday February 12. Probably a month or so after my trip was booked, 2 Jeff Tweedy solo shows were announced in LA. I was upset that I couldn’t make night 1 because that was the night that I was going to be flying back home. The day of the first show the northeast got a 1-2 foot blizzard stopping all flights for the day, so now I’m stuck in LA an extra night last minute and Jeff Tweedy is playing 20 minutes away from my hotel! The second night is available today and I hate to say that I was on an airplane when it was happening. Lol
  17. I still haven't seen a tracking number unfortunately. I'm sure it is tough to get all these orders out for all their clients with a very limited staff, I just wish they were a bit more forthcoming to the actual timeline.
  18. Awesome! She’s wild for sure had quite a great run of albums with debut, post and homogenic all perfect 10’s just about!
  19. Since the beginning of COVID isolation, my friends and I have been getting on video chat and playing songs for one another. Eventually this got a little stale and people started dropping off. We decided to change things up by recording a full cover album, with each person assigned a track from the album. People submitted a single album choice, and we had all of our friends (non-musicians included) vote on which album we'd cover. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was chosen. We then spun a virtual wheel to assign songs to each musician. Here is the result. Each track was recorded at home with whatever equipment that particular person had available. Most tracks were recorded entirely by a single person, with some limited collaboration. The cover is a photograph I took while visiting Chicago in 2014 (I was actually able to go inside the Marina City towers that day because the person I was visiting knew someone who lived there). I hope you enjoy. https://recordpressrecord.bandcamp.com/releases
  20. I did not consider this a joke. More of a legally binding obligation from Artist to Clients. If need be, we can start a gofundme for legal funding to enforce this. WHO'S WITH ME ON THIS???
  21. The Tweedy Show Tuesday November 24 Episode 124 # animated intro on screen -- Susie explains that they were late because they were having technical difficulties getting Peter via Alexa. -- Jeff wants to end Daylight Savings because it adds extra stress during the holidays. -- don't tell Susie to relax, Jeff.. -- Jeff is happy that Ode To Joy's boxset design got a Grammy nomination. White Wooden Cross -- Susie reminisces that Jeff played the song during the car episode which she wasn't happy about due to the lyrics. -- Jeff says that The Tweedy Show is not eligible for an Emmy, but should be eligible for a Webby. -- Spencer mentions how the funding might work for Broadway shows in the future. -- the Tweedy family have nice things to say about Neil Finn. Bad Day Lately (w Spencer on thigh slaps & finger snaps) Pieholden Suite ("I apologize again & again" ending) -- Jeff addresses the Summerteeth delays. Fawn (Spencer original sung by Spencer & performed on guitar)[Thanks to Paul for the song title.] -- Jeff jokes that the show will go on until there aren't any clients left watching. Quiet Amplifier -- Jeff says that there's an iPhone recording of him playing Quiet Amplifier in the studio mix on the record. -- Jeff likes Karen Dalton. Her voice makes him cry. -- Jeff mentions in a Bob Dylan impression that Bob Dylan name dropped Wilco when he talked about being offered to write the music to the lyrics that made up Mermaid Avenue. -- Jeff describes the story when Bob Dylan proposed to Mavis Staples. “Name Drop By Dylan” (Jeff & Spencer jam out on an improvised instrumental. Jeff came up with the title on the spot.) -- Susie announces that the show will return this Monday. -- Jeff gives his thanks to the clients. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) The Tweedy Show shall return this Monday.
  22. My box arrived yesterday (Monday) and my tracking # email arrived today (Tuesday). Lol
  23. I don't know about the Vicodin parallel, but man oh man, I really dig Viking Dan after hearing it for the first time today! (I've been wading through some other stuff, and just got through the Demos/Outtakes disc.) I don't think I've heard Jeff sound this unhinged on anything since their cover of TV Eye on the old Someone Else's Song mix set.
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