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  2. I was supposed to go see X tonight but luckily I checked my calendar before buying the tickets. Found I have chemo this morning so a show tonight is right out. Things start getting busy on the show front for me in February.
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  4. Nice I’m seeing them Friday!
  5. Our Wilco Live Show Archive is download only. There was someone creating a streaming Wilco live show site. But it is gone I think.
  6. OK. I don't see why not but so can you stream stuff or just download and play it?
  7. We made our own Archive. They did not want their shows on there however many years ago when the question was asked.
  8. Hey can anyone tell me why Wilco isn't on Archive.org. If they're taper friendly the should be, right? Just askin'
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhyipsMVesA Pat sings the Beatles and demonstrates his musical versatility by mastering the bog roll. The Whole Love is probably my fav Wilco album - I like to think because Pat co-produced and gave it a fantastic bright but not over-polished sound full of aural interest - just like a good Beatles album.
  10. The Tweedy Show Tuesday December 7 Episode 205 -- Jeff welcomes the clients to the Tweedy Show. -- the Tweedy Show opening is a fan produced video by the Tweedy Show Client Union and organized by Jeff Knurek. -- Susie & Jeff love the surprise video. Susie promises to play it again later in the show. -- Susie asks Jeff what he thought of Get Back which leads to the first song of the night. -- Jeff, Spencer & Sammy abandon The Beatles' Two Of Us. Two Of Us (The Beatles cover sung by Sammy & Spencer while on drums.) -- Jeff says that "we loved Get Back." He wants
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  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2021/12/06/beatles-get-back-documentary-songwriters/
  13. We got there early (Rust Belt in East Moline) and were on the rail. Jason has gotten so popular that the shows he plays in Chicago are at venues that don't have "a rail" so this was a great night. Wish I had known you were going to be there - I would have introduced myself.
  14. I saw them Saturday. So damn good. Closed with an absolutely fantastic version of the Stones' Can't You Hear Me Knocking. I am, IIRC, 0 for 6 for shows with Amanda Shires being part of the 400 Unit.
  15. We got our earlybird passes today! So excited!
  16. Tix procured! Looking forward to seeing old friend and making some new ones in May!
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