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  2. I get the 2nd one Monday. I've read a lot of people don't feel so good after that.
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  4. Got my second shot yesterday morning. I'm lucky. Other than a sore arm, I haven't had any side effects.
  5. For September in Des Moines, making up a show scheduled last September with Trampled by Turtles.
  6. Trey and Mike have both been quoted as saying summer is unlikely, maybe fall, and definitely 2022. I honestly wish they would just rip the bandaid off and cancel already if its not going to happen. I was supposed to go back to Deer Creek for the first time since 2010 and it bums me out that its likely not going to happen.
  7. I have tickets for Wilco at Merriweather, Riot Fest (Sept) and Watkins Family (Chicago's Old Town School), looking at the Black Crowes tour which is schedule to kick off in late June and Phish tour which kicks off July. Waiting to see how those latter bands/promoters handle those. Anxious about it tbh
  8. Wilco/Sleater-Kinney Chicago in August. I didn't have tickets originally (2020 show) so glad to get these. Going with my wife, a couple of our kids, my brother, spouses, etc. Will be a mini-family reunion for us. Whoop-whoop!
  9. I pretty much wore out my vinyl copy of this one in college.
  10. 2 shows have been rescheduled to 2022 for me: Roger Waters & Chris Stapleton (with the Dirty Knobs!). I was going to get a refund on Stapleton if Mike Campbell was off the bill but he's still on. Roger Waters I scored really good reasonably priced seats. No announcement on Wilco or Drive-by Truckers yet.
  11. I had tickets for San Sebastian, June 2020. That was postponed til June 2021. It's now been cancelled. God knows when Wilco will be back in The UK (or Europe)
  12. I'm in the same spot, Maudie, only for the "postponed" L.A. shows last April.
  13. I've heard of this but never seen the video! I hope somebody can track it down.
  14. I just stumbled across this bit of triva that Wilco preformed "The Rainbow Connection" with Kermit The Frog. Anyone have a video of this? https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/Wilco
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  16. I had tickets to three Wilco shows in the Bay Area for last March. They were all "postponed", not cancelled, so technically I still have tickets for those. Unfortunately, I have no idea when they're going to happen!
  17. I have three rescheduled shows from 2020 all happening within a 3 week period in late October/early November. With my work schedule (teaching), I don’t know I could pull that off, even if it happens - 2 of the 3 are standing shows in clubs, one is a show in a church, with GA seating in pews. We’ll see what happens, but I am not optimistic about attending all of them. edit: none are for Wilco
  18. I have tickets to see Jason Isbell at the end of July. Still waiting to see if this one will be cancelled/rescheduled. We had tickets for The Decemberists a few days later at the beginning of August but that tour has been cancelled recently.
  19. That album was my first exposure to Lou and the Velvets (at a time whenthe first three VU albums were hard to find). When I think of "Heroin" I still think of this version.
  20. Got tickets to a handful of shows this summer. I'm really holding out hope for the two Wilco shows, I don't think anything else will end up happening. Chris Stapleton/Highwomen/Mavis - 7/17 Wrigley Phish - 8/6-8 Deer Creek Wilco/SK - 8/28 Chicago Wilco/Trampled by Turtles - 9/17 Green Bay
  21. I have tickets for the Wilco/S-K show in Chicago on Aug 28. With apologies to Lou Reed, I am "fully vaccinated, gassed, stoked and ready to go!!" I also have tickets to see Drive-By Truckers in September and Jason Isbell/Lucinda Williams at the end of July.
  22. I've got tickets for my wife, son and I to see the Wilco/Sleater Kinney show in Atlanta in August. I've been expecting it to be postponed again, but after yesterday's festival announcement for August, I'm starting to get really excited that it may happen. It'll be my 11 year old's first Wilco show and we've got great 10th row seats. He's listened to both of Jeff's audiobooks, and countless episodes of the Tweedy Show during the pandemic, so I think he's going to really love it. I'm fully vaxxed, too, and that's the only firm tickets I'm holding onto but I'm itching for a show and am hoping to see something before then.
  23. I'm still mourning the 3-show run I had tickets for last April, in L.A. Those shows were going to be Wilcoepic. Then Pandemia hit. I guess I need to finally let go of those shows. Besides, the ones ahead will be so exuberant and joyous, when they come. There will be big gratitude. So we move along. Some of you have live shows on your calendars already....I don't, but I'm fully vaxxed and beginning to dream again! Someday, someday soon. 😊 Who's already going to see something? Wilco, or other bands? Are you excited?!!
  24. Agree. Picked it up last week and it's been in heavy rotation.
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