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  2. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/jeff-tweedy/2021/constellation-chicago-il-6b837a02.html
  3. Yesterday
  4. Not you. I experienced the same. It's embarrassing when you're singing along and suddenly you're soloing! Fortunately the glitches were short. TCP, it sucks that you weren't able to watch. I hope somebody can provide a full setlist. Paul?
  5. Anyone have a setlist for those of us prohibited from watching??
  6. Great show . Last couple of tracks seemed to suffer from drop-outs or was this just my connection? Was hoping for a replay to check
  7. That was fabulous. I could watch that band for hours and hours and hours!
  8. Last week
  9. One Night in Miami on Prime exceeded my expectations. More historical fiction than history, no doubt, but I enjoyed the dialogue and the performances.
  10. This documentary about the distribution of wealth in the world is currently streaming on Netflix. I'm no economic scholar, but I did learn a thing or two from watching it.
  11. I remember he shut that idea right down. He saw you coming.
  12. Truly was. Pretty sure I did NOT get a Nova that day tho. Buncha new songs. Pffff.
  13. No sign??? I don't think actually that's Vince then.
  14. IT WAS 2018!!!!! (Me: far right, second from back... big smile).
  15. Clearly photoshopped. There's no way you all got to go to the loft.
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