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  2. Today's episode #24 is a particular favorite of mine. Check it out!
  3. That charity concert that Jeff played at is now up on YouTube. It was for Play It Forward: A Musical Celebration Of Intonation’s Creative Community. The backdrop is a beautiful backyard with some sweet lights. Jeff’s 9 song set appears over 3 segments: 30:00, 1:06:00, & 1:44:00. Note: if you click on this to watch it in the YouTube app, the times that I listed will be off by about 19 minutes, so Jeff will come on at 49:00 etc. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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  5. ICYMI - from Susie’s FB post: no show tonight, but there will be the 2 special shows on Friday & Saturday with details coming soon.
  6. The Tweedy Show Monday October 19 Episode 108 # animated intro on screen -- Susie says that a show almost didn't happen because Jeff was tired. -- Susie mentions that Spencer's book is coming out tomorrow, yet some people have it already. A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procol Harum cover w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff brings up the "acorn situation" regarding his neighbor's property. And he also mentions that he might've spelled Ian, his neighbor's name, wrong on his signature for his book. -- Jeff shows the clients his wood grain slippers with deer on them and fleece inside. -- Spencer shows off his book Mirror Sound and explains why he chose that name. "It's because self recording is holding up a mirror to yourself in an aural sense". Laetitia Tamko aka Vagabon is on the cover of the book. The book is designed by Lawrence Azerrad. It's available at MirrorSoundbook.com -- Jeff says that Spencer's book is a wonderful companion to How To Write One Song. -- Jeff tells the clients to check out the Twitter thread Corgis mating with any dog breed that look like Corgis in disguise. -- Jeff thinks that the 2 Austins working at an event last night are the same people. -- "nothing I've ever done has been inspired by Peter No One". - Jeff -- Jeff & Susie show off old pictures of Sammy. -- Jeff makes the big schedule announcement that there may or may not be a show tomorrow. Follow Stuffinourhouse for info. He also announces that if there's no debate Thursday, there will be a show. Otherwise, the plan is to not have a show if the debate goes on as planned. He also mentions a very special show is coming which should be announced either late Wed or early Thu morning. He also mentions the possibility of a Saturday matinee show for the European fans, if there's no show Thursday. Changes (Black Sabbath cover sung by Sammy) I Am The Cosmos (Chris Bell cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals) -- the Tweedy family ponders what would happen if a family member votes for Trump. Spencer's new song (sung & performed on guitar by Spencer) -- Jeff explains why Tom Schick won't let him use the word milk in a song. -- the Tweedy family find out that Jeff Bridges announced that he's been diagnosed with lymphoma. Jeff drops the info that he has Bridges phone number. -- Jeff does a great Werner Herzog impression. When She Turns 50 (Guided By Voices cover sung & performed on guitar by Sammy) Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) Lots of possible schedule changes this week. I am going to listen to that part of the episode again to see if I got everything. Here's the rundown, so you won't have to comb through the notes. Tuesday's show may or may not happen. Check with Susie's IG page. Thursday's show will happen IF there's NO debate. The Saturday matinee show for the European fans will happen if there's no show on Thursday. And the very special show announcement should happen Wed evening or early Thurs morning.
  7. Personally, I'm not in favor of expanding the Supreme Court, but: -Republicans blocked dozens of judges during President Obama's term. -McConnell didn't event bring up Merrick Garland for a vote. So, I think the Democrats need to start playing on the same field as Republicans. Get rid of the filibuster and pack the court, then for good measure, pass an amendment giving term limits to the Supreme Court justices, and abolish the ridiculous Electoral College.
  8. I don't really buy that. Our form of government is designed and intended to be adjusted when necessary. It's baked in by the founders for the express purpose of maintaining as fair a representation as possible. We don't have that now (we haven't in a long time, but it has gone to an extreme under Trump and McConnell), therefore adjustments are necessary. I don't like the idea of expanding the court, either. I doubt anybody does. But the only options are to do it, or to suffer tyranny by a court (y then entire federal judiciary, really) that does not resemble the values of the country for the next few decades, or perhaps forever depending on how strategically the GOP games the system. I do agree that the refusal to vote for HRC was an inexcusable bit or ideological purist arrogance, and also sexism, but I'd take it back to Al Gore, or farther. Similar ignorance was going on back then, too. "He's SO boring." "Lockbox, har-de-har." "Replace my lightbulbs over my dead body." Bending over backwards to find a reason to deny support to the better candidate.
  9. Deep Sea Diver - Impossible Weight
  10. This is a cool little book. I'm a compulsive songwriter. Not with the same prolificness as Mr. Tweedy, but I'm certainly not wanting for ideas. That said this book gave me a few new ideas to mix up the process, and overall it eloquently affirmed what I like about doing it. I might be putting my copy in my buddy's mailbox when I'm done with it. He's going through a dry spell.
  11. Agreed, it was a great conversation to listen in on. Both were very relaxed and I felt like a fly in their hair on the wall, just hanging out listening to 2 friends talking.
  12. As a general rule, I'm strongly against adding seats to the Supreme Court. You raise several excellent, thoughtful points in your post. But in the end, to quote President Obama, "elections have consequences." Many Dems fully and completely blew it by staying home and not voting for HRC. This is the main reason Trump was elected and the Constitution vests full power in the President to appoint whomever he pleases (subject to Senate approval) regardless of how it leaves the political make-up of the Court. This is one of the multitude of consequences of the 2016 election. Blame Trump and his SCOTUS appointees on the Dems who stayed home on election day 2016. Hopefully history won't repeat itself on November 3.
  13. Bruce unleashes a killer record. He's on a hot streak. I really liked "Western Stars" too.
  14. Maybe nothing, but a watertight argument is worth preparing, and the talking points on this subject seem pretty obvious to me and would be easy to convey to the public in an effective way. A representative form of government, by definition, is supposed to be similar in its makeup to the viewpoints of the citizenry. There are not twice as many conservatives as liberals in this country. Therefore, the court, with its (soon to be) 6/3 conservative majority is not even close to representative of the citizenry and should be adjusted in number to make it representative. That's the argument IN DEFENSE OF expanding the court. The argument AGAINST a future republican president expanding it further is that, having now achieved a more accurate representation by expanding the court, the only point of expanding it further would be to create an unrepresentative advantage. Force republicans to argue in favor of a less representative court and you have the winning argument.
  15. No interesting tidbits in terms of news, but just a lot of talk about the creative process. I haven't read much of the book yet but my impression is a lot of what Jeff was talking about was covered in the book. It was an insightful conversation, it was nice hearing Jeff be that open and be able to talk in a setting like that. Nick was a great interviewer.
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