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  1. She is annoying, but Walt has become far more annoying. Theyve done a really great job with the character arcs to now basically see how Walt has swapped places with Jessie, on an emotional level.
  2. Bumping this. Recent mix I made, though some might enjoy Early Morning Train: http://www.mediafire...q94ulkkoh34tcsv 00:30 Lewis - I Thought The World Of You 02:53 Neu! - Leb Wohl 11:03 Idaho - On The Shore 14:30 Zelienople - More Than That 19:40 Console - A Homeless Ghost 25:20 Aphex Twin - Xtal 30:09 The Garbage and the Flowers - Carousel 34:23 Nick Drake - Far Leys 37:46 Arthur Russel - Love Is Overtaking Me 41:16 Damon and Naomi - Sometimes 45:49 Cocteau Twins - Carolyn's Fingers 48:52 Talk Talk - I Believe In You 54:50 Bedhead - The Rest of the Day 1:01:08 - Early Day Miners -
  3. YES. Also. Manuel Gottsching's solo work is top notch. is flawless.
  4. More descendents of the genre than members of it, but are pretty great. Insanely good drumming, and great use of tapes.
  5. Visited Numero Group's one day pop-up store: And the haul: Tom Waits- Heart of Saturday Night Numero Group: Eccentric Soul- Smart's Palace Numero Group: Wayfaring Strangers- Guitar Soli The Flamingos- Requestfully Yours Rain Parade- Explosions in the Glass Palace Surfin' With the Astronauts John Martyn- Solid Air Flying Saucer Attack- Further Souvenir of Jamaica- Sounds of the Caribbean The Underneath- Sun of '67 The Best of John Lee Hooker
  6. This is the most recent proposal for that parcel. Obviously highly conceptual at this stage, but one can only hope something worthwhile and coherent gets pieced together over the coming decades. The Calumet region in general that hugs the Skyway from SE IL/ NW IN is a pretty fascinating microcosm. If you can find it, I highly recommend grabbing this book from the library, as it does a really good job of distilling down the essence of what still remains a very unique place in America's fabric. Im pretty curious how this experiment will go. For the neighborhood's sake, I hope its successful
  7. Agreed, its an interesting choice. This is a great synopsis of what was/is..
  8. You Look Nice Today Possibly the funniest podcast in existence (although you need a nerd sense of humor). Unfortunately the update pretty rarely these days, but theres still a huge back catalog to keep you busy.
  9. This user submitted comment on the Armageddon page which explains why those films got released is spot on. (emphasis mine)
  10. Speaking of Yauch, its pretty awesome that the Beastie Boys anthology got the Criterion treatment. I doubt something like that would get released today since Criterion has changed so much as a company, but its still one of the most fun things theyve ever put out. Its worth it for the audio commentary alone. Theres also a mind-boggling amount of customization options on each video (from alt camera angles, alt shoots, and remixes)
  11. Todays haul Army of Shadows Death of a Cyclist An Autumn Afternoon The Thin Red Line Ivan's Childhood The Night Of The Hunter
  12. I havent seen Salo, but I do own Man Bites Dog, which I only viewed once...
  13. I already splurged during their summer sale, but I will still probably pick a couple up this time around. Criterions are the only DVDs I can still justify purchasing, although it seems like they're starting to get overboard with what they put out. It used to be Criterion was a stamp of approval, a film you needed to see before you die, or something that was at least widely neglected and had never gotten proper exposure. Thats no longer really the case, as they're putting out just about anything they can get their hands on. But I still appreciate what they do.
  14. Aldi was founded by Karl Albrecht, Trader Joe's was founded by Theo Albrecht. They are brothers, but the companies are completely independent of each other. Both of them made an insane amount of money off their respective businesses and are 2 of the richest people in the world (9th & 10th). Like others have said, its virtually all their private label stuff.
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