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  1. Agree fully. Bands are allowed to make not so great records. Wilco will be around for a very long time. Jeff Tweedy's talent is not just going to evaporate. C'mon people.
  2. Its killing me that I missed this show. Saw them the last time they played the Ryman and Jeff did "Acuff Rose" solo, acoustic, edge of the stage. I still get goose bumps thinking about it. Question: Blood of the Lamb? Where does that song come from?
  3. Hell, Mobile is almost in FLA. A chip shot.
  4. A Ghost Is Born is one of my favorite records of all time and probably my favorite Wilco record, to date.
  5. Jilco


    Yeah, thanks that was great.
  6. The Dexateens from Tuscaloosa Alabama. thedexateens.com. Latest record produced by Patterson Hood of Drive By Truckers. Really awesome band!!!
  7. Jilco

    Tell me

    "Hate It Here" and "Patient With Me". I don't think this will ever be my favorite Wilco record BUT, I this could change in a year. I listen to lots of Wilco and there are days when certain songs hit me like they never did before. In the last year, I've been hanging on to "Dash 7" and "Poor Places". Can't wait to hear the new songs in Atlanta!!
  8. The generosity of this band is amazing. I love the DVD, the bonus content....fucking everything. I love this band.
  9. I have both. I love Adult Head - Jeff's writing is brilliant. I've not read the Wilco book completely. I like the pictures and I really like the disc that came with it. I have both in my office on a table so anyone that comes in can take a look at it. I'm always trying to turn people onto Wilco.
  10. Thanks for sharing those great "arty" pics!!
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