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  1. I lugged a bunch of equipment up to Westchester for three nights in a row in the middle of the week and then brought the recordings to everyone to download within a few days, along with beautiful photos and reviews, and that's your response? To pick out a few mistakes (one isn't even a mistake -- I'm talking about MY never having seen Outtamind) including a fucking spelling mistake. Wow. Fuck you.
  2. NYCTaper recordings: http://www.nyctaper.com/2014/11/wilco-october-30-2014-capitol-theatre-portchester-flacmp3streaming-two-recordings/
  3. NYCTaper recordings of this night is up now (with two versions!): http://www.nyctaper.com/2014/11/wilco-october-29-2014-capitol-theatre-portchester-flacmp3streaming-two-recordings/
  4. A recording of this show is now on nyctaper: http://www.nyctaper.com/2014/09/wilco-september-6-2014-lockn-fest-1st-night-flacmp3streaming/
  5. I recorded the show and it will posted at nyctaper either tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm waiting for photos from my friend who took 100s of amazing shots.
  6. We just posted the nyctaper recording of this show: http://www.nyctaper.com/?p=10478
  7. The complete audio recording of this show is up now: http://www.nyctaper.com/?p=4628
  8. Finally got my recording up on the site. The editing of this thing was a major chore given the crowd noise. http://www.nyctaper.com/?p=4467
  9. I gave my tickets to a friend who was going to tape the show. I'll talk to him when I get home, but he's really quite reliable. I expect both shows will be up on nyctaper in the next couple of days.
  10. There will be an nyctaper recording of this show up very soon. I'm out of town, but acidjack from the site recorded it with a high-end four-microphone rig.
  11. This was meant to be played on a high-end stereo: http://www.nyctaper.com/?p=1372
  12. The recording is a dream. Absolutely perfect conditions, and the results are fabulous. I hope to have it posted to nyctaper by tomorrow night. Its one of my best. Ever.
  13. My recording: http://www.nyctaper.com/?p=1358
  14. I recorded the whole show, and it should be up on nyctaper.com by tomorrow night at the latest. Right now, I have a photo of Stan's written setlist and a photo of the big Keyspan logo with YLT on the video screen here: http://www.nyctaper.com/?p=1350
  15. http://www.nyctaper.com/?p=349
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