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  1. Some serious hard-pan on this record I just accidentally discovered on "Where Do I Begin" playing only the left channel, if you just want to listen to Jeff sing.
  2. Yes. I think linclink is right, but I'm holding onto hope that my trivial preference for Taste The Ceiling to start side B will come true. At least there's no chance for my pet peeve of a double record of
  3. but You Satellite has a fade-out ending!
  4. My question is whether side B of the LP will start with Taste The Ceiling or Pickled Ginger.
  5. But was Jaws ever his scene?
  6. Oh come on, one is like "doo, ba doo, ba doo, ba doo, ba doo, ba doo, ba doo, ba da dum" and the other is like "bah! bah! ba da ba-da da!"
  7. "little"? I think it's the best track pairing on a Wilco album.
  8. Wilco Watch: Glenn doesn't drum on this record but is thanked in the liner notes Also, this record is fantastic and everyone should be listening to it.
  9. Did not expect an allusion to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now", that's worth the price of admission right there.
  10. http://www.npr.org/2015/05/10/404723495/first-listen-jim-orourke-simple-songs
  11. More details, anticipation building.... http://pitchfork.com/news/59164-jim-orourke-announces-new-album-simple-songs/
  12. I'd say so. Features Jeff and Glenn, too.
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