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  1. I actually also had just today gotten fed up with not being able to play the song, so I typed out all the lyrics as I listened on headphones. Then I decided to check here to see if anyone had any hints on how to play it, and kaysettes really set me up well. This is probably the fastest I have ever seen something go to completion, and I am not even very good at figuring stuff out just by hearing, so I'm really happy/proud that I contributed. I've never done a full tab with all the in-between notes. If nobody does it soon, perhaps I will give it a shot with this one.
  2. kaysettes, sounds like you are damn close, but here is what I am hearing... I went ahead and put down the lyrics for the whole thing since I could not find them anywhere. Choruses are all played the same, and verses are almost all played the same - the last line changes whether another verse or a chorus follows it. There are a lot hammer-ons and such that you can listen for and play to your liking. Great song. Dm/maj7: X-X-0-2-2-1 That Wind That Blows Capo 5 C Em Am Am7 There's a girl while she lay sleeping Dm Dm/maj7 G Sleeping in a secret pose C Em Am Am7 I'm a broken-hearted sweet
  3. I have never heard the solo version of this song, but as I was playing it just now, I think I figured out a riff towards the end of the album version... G|-----------------11-9------9--| D|-9-11-12-9---------12-----| ...and repeat.
  4. When I saw Jeff in Madison, he played I'm the Man Who Loves You with his son Spencer on the drums. He dedicated the song to "Mommy." I personally would go with Someday Some Morning Sometime.
  5. With a C harmonica, it goes as follows: 9B 8D 7D 6B 6D 7D G D B G A B
  6. Here is a modest attempt at the lead while in the G slack tuning..... G |--7----7--\3h4--3h4--------------------------------------------------------| D |-----------------------------5----(3)---3h5---5--(3)------------------------| G |-------------------------------------------------------------3h4--3h4--------| D |------------------------------------------------------------------------------5--| Sounds pretty good to me for now, but I would love for someone to elaborate because I know it could use it.
  7. To play along with the version Jeff broke into at the Lounge Ax on 6/15/99, I capo at 5 and play G C and D - very simple. I'm Into Something Good Capo 5 Verse G C G C G C G C C G C G C Chorus D C G C G C Verse Chorus Bridge D G D C# D D C# D Verse Chorus x2
  8. If you just Capo @ 4 and use the chords from the original post, it is in E and sounds quite good.
  9. I agree with the last post about the bridge, they all sounds like major chords to me. In the key you were working in, with the capo at 5, this is how I think the bridge should go. D I don't get the connection G This is only a test E I hope I do my best G You know I won't forget The part that is troubling me is right after the final verse. I was using gumbopages.com as a guide, and there is one chord that is missing. Relative to the capo for the solo version, here is what I mean. (The chords won't be lined up correctly over the lyrics, but you can hear the changes.) F#m Em
  10. Has anyone seen a tab for Shot in the Arm the way Jeff plays it solo (like during the Lounge Ax show from 1/4/2001) ?
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