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  1. Nels did sing. He and Weir sang Dark Star. Phenomenal. And yes he was playing Duane's Goldtop as well.
  2. I could listen to that finger picking outro to Acuff Rose all day long...so good. Thanks for posting.
  3. The bus is on the side of the building on Oglethorpe St and the crew was unloading about an hour ago when I rode by. I wanted to hang around to see if anyone emerged, but I did not want to be a stalker...and also I need to do a little bit of work today!
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    Yeah, me too. Thanks for the info.
  5. tft3323

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    For those in Miami or Clearwater...what time did Wilco take the stage? With no opening act, I just want to make sure to be in my seat and not miss anything for the Savannah and Atlanta shows. Thanks!
  6. Unbelievable! So glad I splurged for both Savannah and Atlanta. The format of these shows looks incredible...great setlists!
  7. In the issue of Fretboard Journal with Tweedy on the cover, there is talk of his recent interest in vintage Kay guitars. I would definitely say that is what this one is. The earlier picture posted is of course one of his Barney Kessels. That Kay is extremely cool looking I must say...thanks for the post and the pictures!
  8. Yes, this does suck. Trying to get tickets for Atlanta to take my son to his first Wilco show, and I am unable to get any availability on ticketmaster even though the show does not indicate "sold out." I also checked stub hub and laughed at the outrageous prices. I am hoping that somehow a few additional tickets will be made available as the date draws closer. Seeing them in Sept '01 at the Roxy in Atlanta with a few hundred other general admission folks who were singing along to YHF tunes before the album release seems like decades ago! At least I have Savannah on Thursday night (3/25)!
  9. "You and I" at Bonefish Grill last weekend. My wife and I both stopped talking when we heard the opening chords in the background to make sure we were indeed hearing what we thought we were hearing!
  10. I would not be shocked to see a Jax and Charleston show around this date. Needless to say, we are very excited here in Savannah. Thank you Wilco!! Very cool to support the Savannah Music Festival, which is a great event that is starting to earn some respect and national attention.
  11. My wife ordered me the brown Tweedy edition for Father's day; can't wait to get it in the mail. Interestingly enough, I gave her a belt with the same owl design ordered from Souldier last year for her birthday. Might be a strategy to try for some of you out there with a significant other who are wanting one of the straps!
  12. Anyone know what time the musical guest typically performs on the show?
  13. Just noticed this on wilcoworld
  14. In several pictures posted on this site and video clips, I see Jeff has been using a gold top Les Paul on this new tour. It seems to be used primarily on Wilco (the song). Anybody who's been to recent shows have any info to add? Knowing Jeff's penchant for unbelievable vintage instruments, perhaps it's a 50's gold top. Anyway, I think it's always cool to see when he breaks out something new, and I don't think I have ever seen him with a true Les Paul, just the Les Paul model SG's.
  15. Thanks. Looks like an inexpensive way to get up and running.
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