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  1. The Sopranos. No other show even comes close.
  2. I love it, I had faith that people were paying attention here. Baseball Bobblehead, you're really coming across as a despicable human being in this thread.
  3. I've still got game seven of the ALCS on the DVR. Red Sox came up very small. I'm sure Mike Lowell would have made the difference though.
  4. I would never wanna be associated with either of those tools, but you gotta admit, just putting on a Boston Red Sox jersey doesn't automatically make a person some kind of great, knowledgeable baseball fan. Or maybe you think it does.
  5. Yeah, I know you don't live in New England. Imagine that, a loud-mouthed obnoxious Boston fan that doesn't live in Boston.
  6. I guarantee you that there were people at Fenway Park during the playoffs that didn't know what the infield fly rule is.
  7. I don't hate women, but it sounds like you're not a big fan of gay people. That's not very Massachusetts of you.
  8. I've already said that I realize how horrible the fans are here. They're really, really bad. It still pisses me off when people say that there are no true Tampa Bay Rays fans. I've been going to that dump of a ballpark(yes, I know it sucks) for ten years since the team's inception. I own hats and shirts that bear the old logo and colors. There are people that know baseball in the Tampa Bay area. We're few and far between, but we exist.
  9. Yeah, because fantasy baseball trumps everything, I forgot. Sounds like you suck at it, too.
  10. That's why I quoted Jen bobblehead. She started early with the Rays' fans bashing. Red Sox fans deserve nothing but contempt.
  11. Geez, how did we lose a game seven to Tampa Bay with Jon Lester pitching? Fuck it, their fans suck. How do you people not see what major pricks you're being?
  12. My point is, the Red Sox lose to the Rays, and you just start running your mouth about how awful the fans are in Tampa Bay. Go back and read your posts in this thread. You guys are bitter. Just admit it.
  13. Yes, the fans suck a lot of ass down here. No doubt about it. But are you people ever gonna move on from that? Or will that be all you talk about when it comes to the Rays beating Boston? Boston LOST to Tampa Bay. Look at the fucking scoreboard.
  14. I know the Dolphins have a rivalry with the Jets and Pats, but it still makes no sense to cite them in this conversation. There are so many transplanted New Englanders that live down here and you couldn't pay them enough to move back up north. Big Papi was so awesome in that LCS, wasn't he? He really swung the bat well.
  15. Yeah, I know when I think of sports rivalries, I think of the Miami Dolphins first. Jon Lester, yeah, how could the Rays ever beat that guy. Just unthinkable.
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