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    I teach high school English, so i guess i like kids too.
  1. I loved him. I have to admit I didn't know anything about him before, but, after watching the Whiskey Bender doc you helped film on YouTube and listening to some of his stuff with the Chamber Strings, I"m a fan. You probably could have predicted that, though...his style of music is right up my alley.
  2. HOLY CRAP! It'll be the highlight of my summer!
  3. Every time I hear the end of "Until You Came Along" (Golden Smog) and the little guitar riff after "I was on my way home..." from "Sonny Feeling", I think of "In the Street" by Big Star for sure. I also think of Badfinger when I hear "Hate it Here", but that's probably a Beatles hook or two that they borrowed first. Regardless, all bands aforementioned are some of my faves, so no complaints here! "Casino Queen" too!
  4. So, how about that show, huh, guys? I'd love to see any pictures that anyone might have. I know there were lots of cameras going off in my vicinity.
  5. Johnny, the posters were killer! Great to see you again, and hope that some of those shot surface sooner or later.
  6. (with nothing but love for Paul!)
  7. Hope it was a great one, concert buddy!
  8. OK...I would have had an asthma attack right then and there with this four-song run.
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