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  1. Nice work on this! Thanks again! I cannot wait for Diver Down to come out this June. *Admin note: Videos have been taken down because videotaping is not allowed by the band.
  2. Tenderloin


    we had the worst seats in the house for this show...last row in the last balcony. Climbing the stairs and asking the ushers where our seats were was a joke. they just kept pointing up and up and up and up. Thank you WXRT presale!!!!
  3. "What's all this writing on my hand here...'George, make sure you change out of your pajama bottoms AND tops for the volleyball practice. Love, George' ...damnitt!!!"
  4. You should have just told her that your friends were from Europe.
  5. Itunes is what really burns me up. I hate that program.
  6. Unfortunately I will be out of town this weekend, but if you want to eat at a great neighborhood joint in Old Town, send me a PM with the time you'd like to eat and how many will be in your party. I might be able to do something for ya...if you like ribs that is.
  7. I'm out, O-man. But I will be in the river city this summer for some baseball. Will give you a holla. Y'all have fun now, ya hear!?!
  8. Please dont let this thread die talking about the Painful...
  9. I love Jack White like a little brother I think a better name for Widespread Panic would be Widespread Painful Beggar's Banquet steals Exile's lunch money and then beats it up after school I dozed off at the Tom Waits show last August Richard Cheese is a genius
  10. Happy BDay OMan! I'll see you in Brooklyn momentarily.
  11. are we all holding back on the "washed bag of weed" stories?
  12. I once washed 4 Rolling Stone tickets for the Voodoo Lounge tour. That sucked.
  13. what about this? I love the Swanky Modes. I think Mr. Toppinhat is creepy.
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