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  1. Hey everybody, It sure has been a long time since I've posted, I doubt that most people even remember me. Oh well... First off, I hope everyone has been well, but I do need your help. I am organizing a trip to a remote orphanage in Zambia and I've been looking for some mind-blowing shots of Africa just to get everyone excited about this trip. Probably about a year ago, some super talented photographer posted a bunch of his work on VC from his recent trip to Rwanda (maybe) and I was hoping to find his work again. Can anybody remember what I'm thinking of? I've searched the archives to no avail
  2. I've been saving up to get a new amp and pedals for the good ol' Washburne but decided, why not go all out and do it right? What is your favorite set-up? Guitar, pick-ups, strings, cables, pedals, amps... What would you suggest for something that can go between jazzy excursions and crunching Neil riffs?
  3. The chords are out there, it's that melodic left hand that's the problema.
  4. I know there is a pretty big group of non-dems who play music down in San Diego. Their church escapes me, I'll keep thinking.
  5. It does to some people; when they form an emotional connection to the music. Regardless, simply going after someone for making an attempt at an art form they love or for a lack humility is just cruel. If you simply hate it so much, why waste your precious time in a post that will simply deflate someone else's self esteem, to whatever degree?
  6. Hey, it takes guts to stand up and play, nonetheless put a song out there to be able to read the blowback. I appreciate this PT, maybe one day I'll put up all my covers.
  7. I really hate to do this but, does anyone have any spare invites to a good torrent site just lying around? Finally when I got bittorrent configured with the new computer, I realized all of my accounts were dead. Thanks anywho!
  8. I think the way he passes is enough for someone on Chelsea to break his legs. Oh, right. He doesn't pass. Let Wright- Phillips take his spot.
  9. I'm waiting until April 2nd to believe this; I believe nothing good on April Fools Day. I already lost.
  10. He is a bit of a deutsch bag, but check out how huge his mouth is. Mega creepers.
  11. People, friends: 1. Water 2. Volver 3. Habla con ella 4. Amores perros Apparently, I'm a sucker for foreign films. But, man, are these good. EDIT: Ooh, those are just recs. Here's the queue: Munich Everything is Illuminated 8 1/2 Gloomy Sunday All the King's Men and some dozens more.
  12. Yes! Finally, church is worth it!
  13. I heard that Glenn's drums have been replaced by Jeff beatboxing. At least that's what the postcard said.
  14. I was just noodling around in D Harmonic, but you've got it spot on.
  15. Douches. Way to play a show in Cologne one month before I'm there. Wise up boys.
  16. This site is pretty good, although F#m is not F#m, its something that looks like: --0----------------- --0----------------- --2----------------- --4----------------- --4----------------- --2----------------- Use your thumb for that bass note. Anybody want to work on Chinese Translation? I can't get anywhere, it just doesn't sound right. It is in D6 though, I know that.
  17. I'll work on getting Let's Dance up sometime this week. As a teaser, it's in C#m with a harmonica in E for some strange, theory reason. It sounds good.
  18. Oh man, I love Faulkner. I'll give Blood Meridian another try, I think I also have No Country for Old Men lying around somewhere, that'll go on the list. I've been reading Henry Miller's Quiet Days in Clichy but I can't read it in public, I just feel dirty.
  19. I got maybe 3 pages into Blood Meridian and couldn't go on. Is all his writing that choppy?
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