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  1. I've never seen so many tapers at a show. One effort is already up on the torrent site here at VC, and he says he was just in front of the soundboard. Then there were no less than 5 other tapers further up front, in the standing room section, right behind me. And I'm sure there were others I never even saw. Luckily, the show was worthy of such coverage -- a great one.
  2. Thanks to all for the suggestions, links, etc. And to Atticus Finch for the response that made me laugh out loud. I knew the VC community would be a reliable resource.
  3. I'm traveling from Atlanta this weekend to see the 7/16 show at the Pines Theatre in Florence, MA, and I just wondered if any knowledgeable VC-ers out there could give me some good suggestions on how to approach this show. I understand this is an outdoor, general admission venue, but I don't know much beyond that. Is there any seating? Do people bring in blankets and/or lawn chairs? How early do we need to arrive in order to get a decent spot up close to the stage? Any hints and tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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