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  1. New Panda Bear track, 'Last Night at the Jetty' streaming the album version over at Pitchfork. It's very good, and, for those fearing typical Animal Collective childish squealing, the most accessible thing he's done.
  2. Just finished: and The Steve Martin one was a very quick read. But both are extremely adept at articulating the highs and lows of stand-up from differing perspectives: Martin's is walking away from, and Lee's is returning to. Now started this: Which is more about the power/control battles of the Beatles post-split. It sounds as though it would be a drab tale of courtroom battles but, so far, it's got quite a compelling manner of unravelling the story. One thing against it, the font size of the print is too small, and being a bedtime reader I can manage roughly 3 paragraphs bef
  3. I can't see this happening. For whatever reason, I don't think Lumen will stick around, but I don't think she'll die either. That would come too soon after Rita and the aftermath of her death meant that this season took quite a while before the gears started turning. Agree with this. I think there were a few scenes in this last episode that prepared the ground for it. Yeah, I think they were two seperate scenes that were cut together to make make it seem that both took place at the same time. If anything I think Deb might have been talking to Jordan, or possibly the missing Fuent
  4. Yep, it seems as though Dexter has regressed into the role a teenager on his first date around Lumen. Next week, Deb will probably find a secret stash of porn in a shoebox under his bed. Back to my wild-assed theories. Here's the m_thomp theory# 82 on how the season is gonna finish: 1) Quinn will get framed for the Liddy murder - blood on shoe; fingerprints on van; message on answerphone. 2) Dexter, sensing that Quinn is a changed man (Deb's testimony; Liddy's phonecall when he stressed he wanted out), will come up with some analysis evidence to get him out. here's the bit where I sta
  5. Heard and like, in no particular order: Mount Kimbie - Crooks and Lovers Janelle Monae - The Archandroid Matthew Dear - Black City Delorean - Subiza Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today Prins Thomas - Prins Thomas Caribou - Swim Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Plants and Animals - La La Land Four Tet - There Is Love In You Beach House - Teen Dream Hot Chip - One Life Stand Lindstrom & Christabelle - Real Life Is No Cool Pantha Du Prince - Black Noise Tame Impala - Innerspeaker Midlake - The Courage of Others Yeasayer - Odd Blood Reissues of the Year: The Incredible String Band -
  6. My Owen hunch is based on the fact that, rather than just taking Lumen's word for jilting the fiance, they introduced him - a talking actor and not an extra - into the show as a character. I always get suspicious of seemingly superfluous characters, and tend to think they may have a bigger part to play i.e. there must have been a reason for his introduction. Maybe I'm clutching at straws to drag him into the whole Jordan Chase/Boyd gang, but I don't think we've seen the end of him. It's fun to speculate.
  7. Had to chuckle at Astor's reappearance this week: 4 weeks absence, a pair of GHDs and a truckload of Urban Decay - hey presto! - you've got your own bargain basement Avril Lavigne. I also liked the reference to Cody growing a foot in a month, paving the way, no doubt, for a new, Justin Bieber-esque replacement.
  8. The way it's playing out in my head is that Robocop finds incriminating evidence pointing to Dexter's hidden side. Dexter has him on his table, but the evidence gets picked up by LaGuerta, possibly as a result of sorting out the Robocop's belongings post-death, or as a result of tidying up her own mess - she was the honeytrap that got Robocop suspended in the first place. Before LaGuerta can break the news, she gets bumped off by the missing Fuentes brother. I'm intrigued to see how the Jordan Chase thing unravels. The have been hints, getting more obvious in the past couple of episodes,
  9. Yep, particularly if you saw the preview for the next ep. Looks as though Deb might be getting closer to the Dexter discovery - although I think this is a deliberate red herring. A few things I think may happen: - Dexter will kill Robocop - LaGuertta will find out about Dexter, but before she can do anything about it she will end up getting her throat sliced by the missing Fuentes brother (I believe one is still on the loose, right?) Certainly started picking up. I like Jonny Lee Miller's character, plus it's a very brave/dark storyline to go down with the whole rape ring.
  10. It's old idea revival time. I recall when I joined these forums (2005?) that there was a great thread aimed at people, like me, who were interested in certain bands/artists/genres but didn't know where to start for a number of reasons (unfamiliarity; no money; over-whelming back catalogue; hated traditional 'Best Of' compilations; didn't have the time to be arsed; etc). The process was quite simple: people posted who they wanted to hear more about and then subject matter experts would offer up their hand-picked selections and upload for the benefit of the requester and anyone else interest
  11. Agreed with all the comments regarding the last episode, and it's at times like these that I yearn for the unhinged foreboding menace of Trinity. I too was expecting Lumen to be a victim of a M99/hacksaw cocktail. Looks like she's purely love interest material now. Quinn and Robocop will both get it though. Quinn's fate was sealed as soon as Deb revealed she had feelings for him that extended beyond horizontal gymnastics. I still have suspicions around the Irish Nanny. I read that some people believe she might be related to Lyla (season 3?), but that's far too ludicrous. Nope, I think
  12. Not as good as last season...... yet. This is mainly due to the supporting characters being, and I'm being very generous here, too one dimensional/predictable. But my interest got piqued in this last episode. I think Dexter's new nemesis is going to be Robocop.
  13. This is what's been done so far: David Bowie - Deluxe Edition (2CD) Space Oddity - 2009 Special Edition (2CD) Ziggy Stardust - 2002 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition Aladdin Sane - 2003 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition Diamond Dogs - 2004 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition David Live - 2005 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition Young Americans - 2007 Collector's Edition with accompanying DVD Station to Station - 2010 Special and Deluxe Editions Stage - 2005 release (2CD) - actual running order and fades between songs removed Ziggy Stardust : The Motion Picture - 2003 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition Black Tie White Noi
  14. The festival was absolutely great; so many unexpected nice touches like (real, live) peacocks and parrots dotted all over, and as for location it was like staging a festival in the middle of a massive topiary exhibition. Wilco were great, as always. Agreed that it took Jeff a while to chirp up, but when he did he seemed in a good mood. The bits of conversation that I recall were him saying that that they arrived earlier in the day and that he thought it was "a very, very, very, very, very, very, very nice festival." The "sad face" moment came about because Jeff, prior to Jesus Etc, annou
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