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  1. Possibly my favourite video'd Wilco performance ever. Wow. Thank you.
  2. Self Defense - Paul Westerberg He Didn't - The 6ths Both killers.
  3. Here you go kids - not my link btw. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wlo5V8htCzM alex
  4. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/SG/Gibson-USA/SG-Zoot-Suit/Overview.aspx Terrible, just saying. Alex
  5. I'll be there. coming from Manchester and VERY excited about tomorrow!
  6. How not to review an album. That was quite simply terrible.
  7. http://tinyurl.com/n7el73 EDIT - This is why I'm no good at being a smart arse - Media Not Found! I'll try and dig it out for you as I have it as mp3 someplace. Sorry for being smart.
  8. Stuff up! No, seriously I don't know but your post makes for interesting reading, It's crazy to think that once the recording is in the can, the end results differ considerably over different mediums. So if you ripped the vinyl to say uncompressed AIFF/WAV - would you still hear less compression than on a straight CD rip to AIFF/WAV? Just curious. alex
  9. It would be way cool if somebody PDF'd the thing and offered it via PM. It would also be way cool If I had lots of money and didn't need to work again, maybe meet the woman of my dreams and live happily ever after. Just a thought. Alex
  10. Dude, thanks for that. It's really mad being English and (apart from my biannual trips to the States) having absolutely no exposure to US Sports whatsoever. If Nels is ever spotted in an Accrington Stanley away shirt - I'm your man.
  11. What's the cap Jeff is wearing? Thought it would be the Cubs! Alex
  12. Really nice job man. your other covers are great too. thanks Alex
  13. quosh


    Twigboy, that sounds great and (assuming it's you) the lead singer has a bit of Kevin Rowland/Robert Smith in his voice. Nice. Anyway, have fun here. alex
  14. Thanks, I always forget about Mermaid Avenue when listing wilco albums in my head. I hardly ever play the Wilco book CD but will definitely rip it to mp3 someday, this is one of those things that you remember you should have done before you actually scratch it.
  15. Ha - 1:09 I thought he'd snuffed it, death by wilco or something. Also what's all that about '11th release'? Great still howdjadoo, Alex
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