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  1. I just came on here to post that same thing. :-) Totally caught me off guard..."You Never Know" suddenly coming out of my TV wasn't something I expected to hear tonight. :-P
  2. Wow....thanks a bunch everyone! I'm very excited/scared, to say the least. Still gotta finish my undergrad degree, which consists of another two stressful quarters. (Electrophysiology lab = pain. ) It's really nice to know already that I have a graduate program waiting for me. And it's equally nice to know how many people care about me on this board, even though I don't tend to see you much, or talk much when I do. Oh, and mom, you got it almost right....it's the Dean's Distinguished Fellowship. :-)
  3. Wow. I didn't know this was their highest debut rating. Nice to see their recognition rate increasing.
  4. I'll definitely throw in my lot with Monday, ELT, Always in Love (or are they doing that already?), and.....hmm.....Kamera. Yes. God, would I kill to see that live.
  5. Thank you so much, all of you.....I am, of course, still astounded myself. Chem wasn't one of my better subjects for at least the first couple quarters of g-chem (don't tell my o-chem professor!), and to be doing well in it is really a wonderful feeling. And to be doing that good, well, I find myself wondering if they sent it to the wrong guy. I sent him an email back discussing my fears of not being able to do it this coming quarter (since I just got done giving away all my remaining time to my new job), and he told me to just come in and we'll discuss things. So cool. And of course, mo
  6. Call me strange and unsophisticated, but I don't find anything wrong with a little bit of lyrical simplicity. And there's no problem with a catchy singalong now and again....not everything has to have some deep, hidden meaning. And especially in an upbeat song like that, you don't want to be struggling trying to figure out what the hell he's talking about. I'm quite disappointed that it's not on the album, as I too think it would have been a good pace variation. The songs are all great, and some of them are already favorites, but I could do with a slightly more "punch"-y song now and again.
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