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  1. Found the chat here as well predating my fb post saying the same, lol. Regardless of connection, I like the song and album even more
  2. It's been a while since I've looked, anyone know where to find audience recording these days? bt.etree.org doesn't have much 2018s, I'd love to hear these benefit shows if recordings exist
  3. @bböp - have you seen them before? They perform with (and the audience too has) the sort of intensity and energy I'd usually only ever expect from a band just starting out with something to prove playing like everything rests on killing just this one show. Glad I could fulfill your hopes of a video of that song's performance!
  4. Friday night at Thalia Hall in Chicago, The Hold Steady covered "I'm the Man Who Loves You": [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgR65bzcSlg[/media] Which should've been a bit less of a surprise after Craig Finn's tweet earlier in the day: Overall an outstanding show as well, THS knows how to entertain and the audience was VERY into it!
  5. I'm not able to make it tonight, staying home sick My ticket is yours if you want it PM me and I'll put you in touch with my friends who are going to the show. Luckily I made it to Wednesday in Milwaukee...
  6. I asked "What time" but they didn't hear me/respond. Probably had to line up at like 11am anyway to get in
  7. For anyone who was confused about the band playing the first chord of "Hard Day's Night," someone in the band must've heard the clip this week of Randy Bachman speaking on his radio show about how he got to hear the original master tracks from Giles Martin and revealing the combination of chords (minus piano, strangely) that the band were playing on the original recording. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvxPc5MPEuQ
  8. I'm not going to be able to make it to the show on Monday, I'm offering to sell my 1 ticket for face value, $63 after fees. Section DRC LC Row F. I have the hard ticket in hand, and will give it to family who are going to the show and can meet you beforehand. Or if you're going to the Milwaukee show they could exchange with you there. Please email zspaul@gmail.com
  9. http://nateduval.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/tweedy_char.jpg
  10. I have two extras for Friday in Hartford. Mezz section G. Hard tix from presale. PM me if interested, selling for face, of course. We can meet up at the show
  11. I have 1 extra for tonight's show, Row R on the Left. Face value + fees: $32.50. PM me
  12. I'm definitely one of those Pronto converts, they played a really solid set. I was impressed with Mike's versatility on guitar and vocals and now hope he might have more features in Wilco in the future. Speaking of a partially-rowdy crowd, I'd like to note that during the two new songs they were all perfectly silent. Looking forward to two more!
  13. Still no link to verify any of this?
  14. I'm not sure I have anything to add to the comments about the show. It was pretty epic being there for 16 of 25 hours. Definitely doing it again next year and not driving from Ohio the same day or drinking a pitcher in the first hour. I found a recording of Robbie Fulks' version of Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" online for anyone who - like me - wanted to hear it again. http://lovinlivemusic.googlepages.com/robbiefulks
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