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  1. Does anyone ever do the claps in Standing O? I did last night and think I might have been the only one. Sort of felt like an idiot. Crowd way more subdued than the ones I've seen elswhere. Band was great thought. I do agree the sound was a little boomy up in the back.
  2. The other part of the equation is the amount of headroom your amp has. If you have a loud, clean amp like a Twin, there shouldn't be any problem with using a boost. However if your amp is on the verge of breaking up during the rhythm parts and you kick on a boost for leads, you may be adding more distortion than volume (much like the example above where the boost is placed before the distortion pedal)
  3. First heard them in SF when KFOG played Monday. Bought Being There and AM shortly afterwards, then saw this show for my first time: 1997-05-09 Wilco The Fillmore San Francisco, CA 1. Misunderstood 2. Far, Far Away 3. Forget The Flowers 4. That's Not The Issue 5. Someday Soon 6. New Madrid 7. The Lonely 1 8. Red-Eyed And Blue 9. I Got You (At The End Of The Century) 10. Someone Else's Song 11. I Must Be High 12. Passenger Side 13. Hotel Arizona 14. Monday 15. Kingpin 16. Outta Mind (Outta Sight) 17. Sunken Treasure 18. Casino Queen 19.
  4. not really - I think he pause was just dramatic cliffhanger effect. when they restart this, the first lines of non-flashback dialogue will be Kate saying something to that effect
  5. Take a look a the Digitech JamMan and Boss RC-30 - not sure what they go for used. An old Digitech PDS8000 is pretty cool too, and you can pitch shift your loops on that one. Not sure if it has a minute of looping time though
  6. jhc

    Madison 11/22

    you ever see the Cubs play?
  7. In the OR, Jack intentnionally cuts Ben such that if he doesn't repair it in an hour, Ben dies. He then demands a walkie talkie and radios over to where Danny is about to execute Sawyer. Jack tells them to give a walkie talkie to Kate, and Jack then tells her she has an hour to get away, and to radio back when she's safe. However, Kate and Sawyer both know they're all on a separate island, and that getting away is impossible without a boat, a fact that Jack hasn't learned yet. That's pretty much where it ends: Jack is trying to let Kate (but not nevessarily Sawyer) escape, but doesn't reali
  8. "dirty soul" > "alt country" or "krautrock"
  9. Paolo and Nikki - they were introduced last episode at the end. Hopefully they'll be killed soon.
  10. Dude, how did I know you'd accuse that guy of not listening to it enough, or not listening properly, or whatever. Personally I like it. It's cool if others don't.
  11. Neu! Random thoughts: Interesting how we haven't heard two of the completed tracks yet. I'm bummed they're not calling song Walken.
  12. 1. Hell is Chrome 2. ALTWYS 3. Muzzle 4. War on War 5. Jesus Etc 6. Let's Fight 7. Forget the Flowers 8. Walken 9. Shot in the Arm 10. Handshake 11. ITMWLY 12. Impossible Germany 13. Poor Places 14 Spiders E1: 15. Via Chicago 16. Theologians 17. Kingpin 18. Late Greates E2: 19. Misunderstood 20. HMD 21. Lets Not Get Carried Away
  13. nope, and no way a gear whore like Tweedy plays a Squier
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