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  1. The good songs are great, the bad songs are downright terrible. Hot Knives and Make a Plan to Love Me are possibly the worst two songs Conor has recorded since before even Letting Off the Happiness, and the production on the entire thing just drags it down. Just because you have a lot of money to spend making an album doesn't mean you should spend it. I'm just disappointed, I'm a big bright eyes fan but I think overall the ep blows and this, at the very least, is certainly his least consistent album yet.
  2. Compressing and then boosting the sound may remove a little of that hiss but it will destroy what may have otherwise been a decent mix. If the audio wave looks like a giant block, which it likely will after excessive compression and gain boosting, all the dynamics of each instrument will be lost.
  3. This ep just pisses me off. The other pre-album eps have had songs that are as good as, if not better than, the songs on the actual album. These songs all clearly sound like throwaways, with the sole exception of the title track, which is on the album itself. Add to that the fact that the album songs they've been playing live are far superior than these songs, and I just question why he bothered to put this out in the first place.
  4. Could you pleeease post the cover of I'm Only Sleeping
  5. Damn, I would love to see Say You Miss Me live.
  6. In the meantime would anyone be so kind as to ysi the early Wishful Thinking pleease
  7. "My Bloody Valentine to tour on Loveless in its entirety, are prepping new album for release in early '07" (Same thing but Neutral Milk Hotel/In the Aeroplane)
  8. If you're talking about the Album Leaf then yes, definitely.
  9. I feel kind of weird about the whole thing. On one hand, I think the encore should be something special that sets one show apart from others. It would be much cooler if it wasn't something that is all but guarenteed. At the same time, if I saw a band headline and they didn't do an encore, I'd probably be disappointed.
  10. If you already have a video ipod download the new update and you now have gapless playback.
  11. My car has the radio adapter that charges your ipod and sends it through fm. My dad's has the 1/8th jack. And, to be perfectly honest, aside from the 4% of the time there's interference (which is usually just a teeny bit of static), the charging feature more than makes up for the slight loss in audio quality. I thought it would be a big issue, but when comparing the two I really don't think the direct in to the stereo sounds much better at all, and I am normally super picky.
  12. In Limbo is the most underrated Radiohead song; it rules.
  13. Sister Ray is on the list, I forget if it was higher than Sunday Morning. I thought the top ten was pretty good. The Jackson 5 song's a good choice. On top of that, I liked that instead of doing the normal pitchfork trying to be obscure method of making lists, they did still minclude most of the obvious ones near the top of the list (Like a Rolling Stone and A Day in the Life).
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