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  1. So this is a parody of IATTBYH, right? Less awkward, though.
  2. Just rolled in. Let's do this!
  3. I just have one question for you: Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? 2/19/79
  4. He has been in bands called Hightide Blues and The Grand Magnolias. Hightide Blues had a song called "Dreaming Alone" on a Paste Magazine sampler in 2009. I dug it out and it is a great tune.
  5. The guy wasn't that bad on earlier performances. I hope he rebounds.
  6. Not sure what you're getting at here. "Screw all my friends" is the original lyric, no? The Idol version said "Lose all my friends," which is just ridiculous. Anyway, I guess he made it through to the next week.
  7. The fact that he had to clean up the lyrics made it suck even worse. I love that song but it was a bad choice for national TV.
  8. Paul McDonald sang Ryan Adams ("with an R," he emphasized). Then Randy basically said hey, this is the kind of music you like, Whiskeytown and Wilco, and that's cool. JLo, on the other hand, had never heard of Ryan Adams. Unfortunately, I don't think Paul did well enough (or picked a popular enough song) to get the votes.
  9. The intro music sounds like Hoodoo Voodoo.
  10. I attended my first MLB playoff game last Sunday (Rangers/Rays) and I'm headed down I-35 again for Game 1 of Rangers/Yankees. Hoping for a good game and electric atmosphere.
  11. Might be make or break for the Thunder tonight. I don't think they want this thing going 7. THUNDER UP!
  12. Watching the Yankees and Red Sox play in Boston while waiting to listen to Wilco play in the same city.
  13. I can't stand the Black Eyed Peas, but I'll concede that the "I Gotta Feeling" song works well as a stadium anthem, best played right before kickoff, tipoff or first pitch.
  14. With all due respect, watch the opening of the Ashes DVD, where Wilco plays this song in an empty Cain's Ballroom and Jeff's voice is worn from a hectic tour. Take a second listen, and then a third, and if you're still hung up on this YouTube video, I think you're missing something big.
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