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  1. that doesn't sound cool at all.
  2. Spiders Muzzle of Bees Poor Places
  3. put some good townes van zandt on there!
  4. it's only playing the first 30 seconds of each song
  5. Have you heard Nels' stuff outside of Wilco? He's far more creative than Bennet. I'm not saying he's not creative in Wilco because totally fucking is. But Nels is one of the most versatile musicians today.
  6. where did HMUF come from? I've heard it all the time here what's the story?
  7. Eminem was noticably out of the media's eye for the last few years till this new album of his started up... which he did on purpose.
  8. I live with like 3 or 4 VC members. guess which ones!
  9. we've got some real cry babies on here don't we?
  10. I'm happy about it. If you think about it like this each side of it will be just a minute longer than agib side 1. and that sounded just great to me.
  11. Remember that whole YHF thing where the label told them to change it so it would be more commercially available? Well that has happened with Eminem on pretty much every album he's put out. If he was doing it for the money you'd think he'd just agree with the label and say "yeah okay whatever you guys think will sell more!" but he doesn't he does the same thing Wilco did.
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