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  1. As soon as I was able to shut down the "I have no idea what to make of this schizo album" voice in the back of my head, I enjoyed Evil Urges a lot more. I have, however, yet to come around to "Sec Walkin". Not getting it done for me. It's the worst song Bread never recorded. BTW, don't want to start another thread, so I'll ask here: does anyone have a real good live mp3 of "Walken"? I have the Residency Night 4 (XRT) version, but sound-wise it's a little messy. I loved the SNL version, but that ship has sailed. I'd love to hear w/ horns or without. xoxo
  2. The only reason I have tix for the Sat show is posts 49 and 50 in this thread. I have not purchased a ticket at a retailer since Def Leppard @ The Arena in 1988. I had forgotten that they make stores...where you can buy things...like tickets. And thanks to ellsworth--dude tried to get me tickets when it appeared I would be shut out. Thank you, community. Let's drink some tequila. For the children.
  3. Yeah. Thanks for the heads up but barring a scheduling miracle, this was my shot. Bah!
  4. All set up in front of the cpu this a.m...and emergency strikes at work. Tried 10 minutes ago and they're out. Barf. I'm gonna have to play the game with the scalping scumbags on Craigslist. Whee.
  5. Thx, $3.63. I see that it starts at 10am CST.
  6. Brand new Drury Inn at 44 and Hampton, across the street from Red Roof. Not sure if the price is right, but it may be an option. 2111 Sulphur Ave. St. Louis, Missouri, 63139 P: 314-646-0770
  7. They would be f**king with us if 'Shake it off' were the first track on the album. 'Either Way' belongs at the front of the line--it's the thesis statement for the album. (Which is to say that the album's theme seems to be, "hang on tightly, let go lightly.") radio
  8. Congratulations! Three items for your consideration. 1--If it's your first child, then it's hardly a risk at all. Those first kids take forever to come out. 30 minutes is a world of time to get to the delivery room. By the 8th month you should have your hospital bags packed anyway, so just throw them in the trunk...justincase. 2--Does this venue have any seats, or is it a GA standing thing? If no seats, then her ankles will swell to the size of a drain pipe. Not good times. If seats, but GA... 3--Just get there 15 minutes before doors open and go straight up to the front doo
  9. Speaking just of studio albums... I'd spend as much time with Being There, YHF, and SBS as possible and fall in love with those first. Then spend time with 'Summerteeth' to marvel at the turn they took post-Being There. Then 'A Ghost is Born' to see what happens when you do a lot of drugs and lose your songwriting sidekick (#2). Then buy/rent the DVD of 'Man in the Sand'. Next, listen to Mermaid Avenue Vols. 1 & 2--starting with "Remember the Mountain Bed" off of Vol. 2 and "One by One" from Vol 1. Then listen to the double live CD, "Kicking Television". radio
  10. I'm not a lol'er........ but I lol'ed. Porn name: Alexander Brickey GS name: Michael Brickey radio
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