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  1. Only negative comment. “Knoxville” t shirts sold out first night and I really want a poster from the first night. Any thoughts ?
  2. Had not seen the band in probably 5 or 6 years. Show number 12 for me. Absolutely blistering performance last night. I drove down from Louisville. Took my daughter to her first Wilco Show. Could not have asked for more. Jeff’s voice was on point as always. Great room. Saw Sturgill there 4 years ago. As great as he was/is. He didn’t fill it on a sonic level the way they did last night. Might make a trip to Birmingham in Oct.
  3. Cant beleive i am so far behind on this! Nothing back back two rows left! If anyone had one for the brown I will take, can meet at show If you have two even better Thx
  4. Thanks for all the timely advice. Got it to my guy this morning/ sound card blown. I had expected much worse/ now the question which usb/replacement card do I go with? Thanks again Mike
  5. I think/ hope this is the right forum? I have been doing some recording with audacity. Gibson J-160E into Vox VBM1 into laptop works great. This amp has a "recording/headphones" outjack Soooo.. I tried with my 80w fender twin which has only "external speaker" output Result: no sound from my laptop, itunes, mediaplayer, youtube, audacity, etc. Headphone jack no good either tried 3 pairs of head phones to make sure it was not a bad set. My hope. There is some sort of "circuit breaker"/ fuse that was tripped instead of frying my audio? Dell Inspiron1500 with windows vista. The usual di
  6. As long as all the hillbillies are speakin' up C U in Knoxville
  7. Careful dude, this a touchy subject around here. The bands privacy and all that Welcome to VC chef
  8. I am in my office across the street from the national sradium(The Bird's Nest) in Beijing China watching Wilco with about 25 Chinese Chefs, Translators and Mgrs. This is the coolest thing since the live stream from Austraila the same tine the Red Sox's were on TV fromJapan at about 5am est. The world can be a small place. Good afternoon from Beijing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The Dead were ther in 1980, I cant think of a Wilco show I would rather attend than AK. shows. However I am in Beijing for the summer so I dont think I can get there in time. Howabout a wilco show in China?!
  10. mchchef1

    TJ Doherty

    Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Real Emotional Trash Matador Engineer 2008 Wooden Wand James & the Quite Ectstatic Peace Mixed 2007 Wilco Sky Blue Sky Nonesuch Engineer 2007 White Magic Dat Rosa Mel Apibus Drag City Mixed 2006 Donald Fagen Morph the Cat Reprise Engineer 2006 The Rapture Pieces of the People We Love Universal Engineer 2006 The Rogers Sisters The Invisible Deck Too Pure / Beggars Engineer 2006 The Hold Steady Boys and Girls in America Vagrant Engineer 2006 Sonic Youth Rather Ripped Geffen Engineer 2006 Beth Orton The Comfort of Strangers EMI Engineer 2006 Steely Da
  11. Can i sleep on your porch?
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