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  1. i am hoping that danny miller explains "the suit" in his next blog posting.
  2. in my 22 shows i have not seen them play this song.
  3. cannot wait to hear nels on "that's not the issue"
  4. what did jeff say about frisbee golf? does he play?
  5. all of you naysayers would feel so much better if you went for a long run. just because you are unhappy with yourselves... This is so much fun! No wonder you people spend so much time on this board. Ya'll need a life.
  6. i am not sympathetic to anyone who dwells on negative events from their past. learn your lesson and move on. it is something he should speak to family and close friends about not the world. he himself has made fun of how ludicrous the attention he rec'd from going to rehab (listen to his solo shows & the dvd), he uses it as part of his show. it is fair game to criticize. Congratulations to all of you on this board who are in the process of recovery, have recovered, or are thinking about needing to seek help for your addictions. Treat the problem and MOVE ON to a healthier lifesty
  7. Dear Mr. Tweedy, I love that you have rebounded quite nicely from the YHF - AGIB years, with all that you dealth with in your personal life. Wilco has done an amazing job at collectively working together to record a beautiful album. I have been reading some of the recent press and well, can you please lay to rest the rehab thing? I applaud your sobriety but that is done and over with, and it appears to have been put behind you. You truly look very happy. There is no reason to rehash that period of your life over and over in the press. At first, I thought it was the journalists who were
  8. You're the best! Sky Blue Sky is a wonderful album. Here's to you! All of us love you in FLA.
  9. All is well in the world again. Wilco is on tour! I have missed you guys. See you at various venues. Wilco sounds fabulous.
  10. Does anyone have a recording of this song? Floyd
  11. just wanted to say that i love wilco, and jeff tweedy, and glenn and john, and pat, and nels, and mikeal. looking forward to the new music. looking forward to jeff stop talking about poop, and more about glenn building schools in guatemala. wilco is the best band eva'.
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