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  1. I echo most everyone else here. Awesome show!!! Awesome getting to meet Jeff afterward!!! Probably one of the best Wilco shows I've ever been to. Props to Ellen, a.k.a Wilco Worshipper, to giving me a great welcome to Boston!
  2. I guess I can thank Mark May for fuckin' us! Never the less. Go Dawgs! I don't care about OSU so much. I want to beat UFL no matter what
  3. Bummer. I think George's comedy always gave me a fresh prospective on different issues. I think he was one of the most underrated philosophers of our current age. We'll miss you buddy!
  4. Thanks guys! You are a wealth of info. Thanks for the input!
  5. Wow! Thanks for all of the info! I did get to tool around a little bit at the Common, but that was all I was able to do. I'll have to check all of that out. I'm definitely in a prime location since I will be spending most of my time downtown. It seems like an awesome place to live. Now I'll have to see if Sir Stu will help me unload my stuff
  6. Kenmore neighborhood on Beacon St., so I'm in the thick of it! I'm going to New England School of Law
  7. Fellow VCers. I'm moving to Beantown in a couple of weeks for school and work. I've only been up there a few times and I was wondering if any of you that are there locally (or have lived there at some point) can recommend some "must do" things around town. I'm not looking for touristy things per say, but I want to get to know the area. I won't have a car since I'm going to drive it to my parents in Atlanta, but I have great access to the "T". Thanks for any input!
  8. Very sad to hear. Strong vibes for you and your family in your time of need. "If we wait too long we risk learning that life is not a game lost nor won...but simply, most often, it is a game that is not played."
  9. If it makes you feel any better, USC doesn't want me anywhere near Columbia this fall.
  10. Thanks for posting that! Murray is a awesome pick up for my Dawgs. Same for Newsome for the Wolverines.
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