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  1. So, like, what's up and stuff?
  2. Long live Umm... Miss you guys more than I miss the days of being a shiftless college student with apparently nothing better to do than post on and read a Wilco message board for hours a day. I hope everyone is well and that you had a good thanksgiving and that your upcoming holiday seasons are great.
  3. Thanks everyone(your words mean a lot). I really miss you guys too-I wish I had more time to spend here. 1 package of Bryan Hot Dogs-haha
  4. BURFDAY BURFDAY BURFDAY!@#%!#$^@^% Hope it's a good one!@#%!@#$
  5. BURFDAY BURFDAY BURFDAY!@#%$!@#%!@#$%! Hope it's a good one!!@#$%^#%^*%*(2
  6. There are some things on there that sound like they were run through processors. And in The Wolves, that vocal tuner is hard to miss. I mean, if that's what Justin says he did, who am I to say he didn't, but to my ears, it doesn't sound 100% analog. Didn't mean to start any drama(if I did).
  7. BURFDAY BURFDAY BURFDAY!@#%!@^$!#$ Hope it's a great day!@#$!@#
  8. On Monday I spent over two hours in line. I think it took less than 2 1/2 total, but I'm not really sure when I got there(Franklin County. OH, in-person absentee). I was going to try to "vote often" but because the line was longer when I left, I decided to not waste all day in lines.
  9. BURFDAY BURFDAY BURFDAY!@$#%!@#%!#$^ Hope it's a good one, good sir!!@!$
  10. Oh man, a few days later, but BURFDAY BURFDAY BURFDAY!@#%!@#%@%^ I hope it was a good one!@#$
  11. BURFDAY BURFDAY BURFDAY!@#%!@% Hope it was a great day!@#$
  12. BURFDAY BURFDAY BURFDAY!@#%@$& Hope it's a good one!@#%
  13. My fave columbus bands: The Loyal Divide Watershed Karate Coyote Brainbow and if the thread about local faves has Lou's name in it, I can't leave out these guys: Two Cow Garage
  14. Eep. Me and the Art Institute building sort of have a "thing." I couldn't help myself.
  15. Technically, the Chicago Art Institute survived too.... also there's this: But, of the buildings that are actually LABELED on the map in the book, none.
  16. Walked out on Robert Randolph a few years ago. Los Lonely Boys had opened and absolutely rocked the place. RR, not so much. Plus, they were going to play until like 3 am or something ridiculous.
  17. Congrats to you and your family, Jules! The Waco Kid is a nice, strong name. But then again, so is Bryan.
  18. BURFDAY BURFDAY BURFDAY!@#$!#@ I hope it's a good one!@#$!@ Much relaxing and cake is to be had!
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