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  1. Jonny Corndawg and Shovels and Rope in Birmingham
  2. Sad day. http://www.gadsdentimes.com/article/20120328/NEWS/120329805/1016/NEWS?Title=Legendary-bluesman-Jerry-Boogie-McCain-dies-
  3. My preorder still hasn't arrived, otherwise i would talk about it
  4. First 3 songs from the album played live http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/av/2011/06/live-from-paste-dawes-premieres-nothing-is-wrong.html
  5. Ordered mine too. Enjoying the immediate download. Sounds good. I wish Centro-matic was playing somewhere closer to me than atlanta this summer. Last winter got to see Will and Anders Parker on the living room tour and Will was great (so was anders).
  6. shipping was pretty high. I want to say around $7.
  7. If you preorder the album you get a three song digital EP. It's not bad at all.
  8. jonbama

    2011 tour dates?

    2 8th row in montgomery.
  9. David Bazar is doing one right now too. For what it's worth, the Johnson and Parker living room show I saw was terrific.
  10. Aldi is great. I shop there often. You have to be pretty flexible about what you are going in there for because one week they may have tons of an item and another they might not have it at all.
  11. it is my understanding that the locations that you are able to purchase now are set. I purchased tickets for birmingham and was told that i would be emailed an address in a couple of days.
  12. In all honesty, i guess it isn't really a centro-matic show but rather just will and anders but i'm ok with that too.
  13. Will Johnson and Anders Parker will be playing in living rooms across the USA this spring. This will be a totally acoustic (no sound system) tour hosted by fans in their homes. Limited to only 35-40 tickets per show. Hurry! These will sell out quickly. The first batch of shows are confirmed and tickets are ON SALE HERE. Tue Mar 30 : Austin, TX – BUY TICKETS Wed Mar 31 : Houston, TX – BUY TICKETS Thu Apr 1 : Baton Rouge, LA – BUY TICKETS Fri Apr 2 : Birmingham, AL – BUY TICKETS Sat Apr 3 : Athens, GA – on sale soon Sun Apr 4 : Athens, GA – BUY TICKETS Wed Apr 7 : Chapel Hill, NC – BUY TICKETS Thu Apr 8 : Baltimore, MD – BUY TICKETS Fri Apr 9 : Philadelphia, PA – BUY TICKETS Sat Apr 10 : NYC/Brooklyn – on sale soon Sun Apr 11 : Montpelier, VT – BUY TICKETS Mon Apr 12 : Burlington, VT – This show is at 1/2 Lounge. Tickets at the door Tue Apr 13 : Buffalo, NY – BUY TICKETS Thu Apr 15 : Louisville, KY – on sale soon Fri Apr 16 : Chicago, IL – on sale soon Sat Apr 17 : Milwaukee, WI – on sale soon Sun Apr 18 : Madison, WI – on sale soon Mon Apr 19 : Minneapolis, MN – on sale soon Wed Apr 21 : Saint Louis, MO – on sale soon Thu Apr 22 : Springfield, MO – on sale soon Fri Apr 23 : Denton, TX – on sale soon Sat Apr 24 : Austin, TX – on sale soon Sun Apr 25 : Bastrop, TX – on sale soon
  14. RMFT!Great day to bring home number 13!
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