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  1. If anybody is able to do this I would soooo much appreciate it! It should be in the key of Bm i believe for the harmonica.... but not positive. He has a capo at third fret for the song if that helps any.
  2. Awesome song, looking for a tab thanks!
  3. How do you play th4e Amsus4 and Cmaj6?
  4. Does anybody have any autumn defense tabs from the new album? I'm looking for Knew it All Along and Criminal... and any other ones from the album that are available.
  5. This is the tab i was able to find searching.... but that D/F# doesn't sound right to me, but maybe im playing it wrong. Anybody able to confirm that is the correct chord? Rest of the song sounds perfect to me. Silence Capo Fret 1 [D] Why am I [G] sad? The city lights tonight are [F#m] beautiful [G] without her. [D] At two forty [G] five I turn to see on Second [F#m] Avenue a sleeping [G] taxi cab. In [D/F#] silence [D] I
  6. Naw the lead parts are not correct, its alright ill get it eventually.
  7. If anybody wants to add the missing lead parts (like during the chorus etc), that would be sweet!
  8. How about what the tab has as the "rock break" is that Dsus correct?
  9. bumpin for all who need
  10. Really? Hmm i thought the song needed something else... like it was great hearing it live at NYC with ORourke, but i felt like a riff over the simple chords was needed. They definitly could have put a little solo riff in though at the break in the song instead of just repeating that lead guitar part again.
  11. ah ok, i havent heard a live version of summerteeth with Jay.
  12. Anybody have the lead guitar tab?
  13. hmm, which part is this? Cause the lead guitar has multiple riffs in the song.
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