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  1. On the amp issue, what was said before is absolutely right. Even 5 tube watts may be a little much for apartment living, but there's no way you'll be satisfied with the Pro Jr or Blues Jr. You'll never get the volume needed to get some gain going. If you look at boutique, look into some of the lower watt ams that have power scaling, which sort of acts like a built in attenuator. Most of the builders are building more and more models of these due to the high demand from bedroom players. Full volume tone at bedroom levels. As far as reverbs, I'm more than happy with the Nova Reverb. It won't d
  2. Just curious as I haven't seen any threads regarding it. If this is breaking the rules, then mods please delete this thread. I have a MicroPOG that I'm wanting to trade for something different. It's a cool pedal, but just not something I really need at the moment. I'd love to pick up a good tremelo or delay, or even some recording gear (microphones or midi controller). I don't post on here that much (thus the low post count), but have done several deals over on the gear page and on harmony central. I figured since this was a gear section, why not give it a shot. Thanks.
  3. Nice photos! Silly question, but when do they usually put up the posters on wilcoworld for sale? I missed out on getting one the other night and wanted to purchase one for sure.
  4. I just have to add the same sentiment that has already been said.... Wilco was my all-time favorite band going into this show and has further this show strengthened the fact. I can't believe how many of the songs they played that I was wanting to hear but thought to myself "they'll never play that." And how about the energy of that encore performance!?!?! I think Jeff started to get a nice energy buzz once he hit the whistle part of Red Eyed and Blue that made him want to push that much harder. Just wow. Hopefully someone taped this show and we can get a copy eventually. This is a perfor
  5. Wut? How did you get assigned seats? I thought it was all General Admission for this show?
  6. I'll be there!!! Embarrasing to admit, but my first Wilco show after being a fan since Being There! Crazy question, but what is the likelihood of getting to meet any of the band or getting autographs?
  7. Reviving this thread since it went nowhere fast the first time around. Still really interested in getting something going, anyone else?
  8. At the least it could be a decent slide guitar...
  9. I am abut to pick one up (5120) as soon as I unload my drums later this week. I went to the local Guitar Center yesterday and played around with one for about an hour. One word....TONE! Great vibe to it no matter how i set the dials, and it can go from country to rock to jazz without breaking a sweat. The craftsmanship seemed to be top-notch. I was comparing it to three of the higher end Setzer models and really couldn't see much difference in the quality of the build, just different components.
  10. Unfortunately the above is true. It is just the chords, no tabs.
  11. Good question....the easy answer being ANY. Seriously, I'd love to pick up and learn whatever I can. I can bang out IATTBYH and Misunderstood and a good part of Jesus, Etc. I've only been playing a bout 2 years, so I guess nothing too far advanced, yet some challenge might be fine. Just a quick list off the top of my head would include: Radio King, Remember the Mountain Bed (this may be a little advanced, not sure), Airline to Heaven, When You Wake Up Feeling Old, Hesitating Beauty, etc. Like I said, anything I can get a hold of would suit me fine. It'sd be great to even branch out into so
  12. I realize I don't post here much, mainly just browse..so I hope I don't get too much slack when I post this. I've been looking for some videos teaching/demonstrating how to play some Wilco tunes but haven't found much. YouTube has a couple, but I was only able to find one guy who has done a couple of "lessons" and would like to find more. Question is: Does anyone know where to find some more wilco (or any alt-country) song lessons in video form, or better yet, would anyone be willing to make a few quickie type lessons they could share with everyone? I find this is the best method (at least
  13. Holy crap, I just saw the post about this show! I have been out of touch due to work, etc. and didn't even realize they had any Texas locations as part of their line-up. I am in Houston and will be looking to break away and get to this show Friday. And the above post was correct, the venue is a renovated train depot right off of the Riverwalk area. Pretty easy to get to and should be ample parking. I have a cousin in San Antonio that I will be staying with as well.
  14. Awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for. I really appreciate the input from everyone. I'll start working on this tonight.
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