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  1. I was there! Loved that we got to stand on a blanket and still had a great view, disliked that the encore was cut short. Very solid and very memorable for my 7 millionth Wilco show.
  2. This is the casual pepper spraying of VC.
  3. I've never been divorced, but I have dated enough douchey guys to know you'd probably be doing her a huge favor.
  4. You told me you'd take care of it!
  5. I still can't figure out what the fuck happened to my avatar.
  6. Or 227 active turkey genitals. "Fowl language."
  7. If this were a high school lunchroom, I would so want to be at Lam Nap's table.
  8. "Did you by any chance take a pillow home with you?"
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