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  1. I just pulled a decent pair for LA Wednesday night using the FrontRow password. Thank you mirrorball
  2. I just pulled another single pit @ 21 after
  3. I scored on the greek presale - GA PIT
  4. I think you will be lucky to get a ticket for one. The Largo holds less than 250 people, some sites I look at said 130 capacity. My fingers are crossed to get into one!
  5. duzer

    Fall US Tour

    Sure looks like they need to play the Santa Barbara Bowl....
  6. It is my wifes' 40th birthday, and of course now she wants to go after the opportunity to buy tickets is long gone. Any help or guidance is much appreciated Cheers, Mike
  7. Just show up to the theater before the event. They let pass holders in first, and then sell tickets after. Not sure how popular this showing will be - so tickets may not be an issue
  8. We will be at the show. Not sure about the film.. I have a buddy that is somewhat involved with folks in the know, and apparently there will be some "special guests" at the Q&A after the film. No idea who though - Good chance for some special guests at the Soho gig too.
  9. I am stoked to get a ticket for Toronto. Now I just need to figure out how to get someone to pay my airfare from SoCal. Most of these venues look like they hold only a couple of hundred folks at most. Should be most excellent.
  10. True they are closer, but only good if you are in the very front section, or the front of each level. I usually don't bother with the floor there any more - maybe I am old, but I much prefer the first few rows of the balcony for site and sound. Plus wife is preggers and she won't go if she has to stand ... at least I am in.
  11. so bummed there were no reserved for the Wiltern.... wife will not want gen admin. Will try on public, but will most likely have some Gen Admin to trade....
  12. We were kinda rushed - spent 10 days Peru - really only in Cuzco/inca trail that was enough time there - didnt make it to nasca, lima, etc. Ecuador,lots of options - coast, jungle, galapagos A month was a short time for Argentina, only got to hit Iguazu (two days is plenty) Mendoza (five days not enough), Calafate/Chatlen (very $$$) and BA - Chile, Argentina and Brazil are huge areas - could spend more than a month in each. Really depends what you want to do. Visa's are costly for Boliva, Chili and Brazil, I think $150 a pop - that kept us out. (this may be differnet now) I am not to
  13. We did three months including Belize, Gutemala, Ecuador, Galapagos (7 day cruise), inca trail, including a month in argentina and would have been able to stick to your budget for the time frame you are working with. Since our trip was "short" we flew a lot. After speaking to a bunch of folks down there, buses are a nice way to see the world and depending where you are, can be a much different experience than what you would expect stateside - in argentina the buses were fantastic. There are cheaper ways to Galapogos than the flight, and if you have time - think of the adventure. Many folks
  14. and get there via the inca trail..... also worth it.. and if in Guatemala/Belize a side trip to Tikal
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