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  1. If it makes you feel any better they snort a bunch of coke off a groupie's tits right afterwards. This is the first Wilco record I've liked since AGIB, but it would have been a better album if they'd left out Open Mind (which has the stink of SBS all over it.)
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    Huh, my account still works. I had low expectations going in but thought they did really well with Hate It Here. Jeff sounded good and involved, sometimes he sounds bored. The band was solid, but what sold it was the horns. Too bad they weren't on the record. I've never liked Walken and while it's a better song live than on the record it'd have to be performed with naked cheerleaders to hold my attention. I realize Wilco isn't the band that I fell in love with anymore and that's why I don't come around much anymore but I wish they would have played something from an earlier record. Actual
  3. You'd think the amount of fun it looks like they have playing a song like I Got You would cause them to want to write more songs like that so they could play them live and have fun. Oh well. Hopefully this does get archived cuz I gotta go. This thread would have gone 20 pages easily back when I posted here more often, is there some other Wilco related site now or has the traffic dropped off that much?
  4. Except Jeff's got more of a tramp thing going. Shot In The Arm to Impossible Germany is probably like the quaaludes just started kicking in. Yay, more old songs, webcast redeemed.
  5. He does a pretty good job there, of making his voice sound bad anyway. Kind of disappointed with Jeff's song, a straight cover isn't usually all that interesting, I want to hear the artist put their own stamp on a song - for better or worse. For a cover it's good but compare this one to the Jandek cover, that's more like what I would have liked to see. Not stylistically or anything, just with Jeff being creative about the cover. Cat Power's was good. Hate Sufjan so I'm sure I'd hate this one too.
  6. Let's face it, much of SBS falls into the killing all momentum category live, which is why it's interspersed with liberal doses of earlier Wilco. I haven't listened to SBS in a while but it goes down easier in a live setting with more upbeat songs thrown in to keep you awake. I don't begrudge anyone the right to skip LMLYFM as I made Either Way, Shake It Off and On & On & On go bye-bye on my copy, but I like it. It would have benefitted, the whole record really, from being recorded more like Is That The Thanks rather than the ultra-smooth production they used, but whatever.
  7. Oh man. If I was Wilco and saw one of my supposed fans say that then I'd probably think about hanging things up. I could see it if this was some young rockers, but Dr. Dog? Really? Wow.
  8. You're not talking about Jeff's old hobo uncle I hope... I don't know about the other picture, but I think Jeff has looked pretty good this tour, he's dressed in a more age and occupation appropriate way (rocking out in a sportscoat just never works) and if you've followed the band much you know he's looked a lot worse. That was actually one of the first things I noticed about the Bonnaroo stream was how much better he looked: younger, healthier, happier... and then of course the band tore shit up too.
  9. SBS says hello. SBS making Summerteeth irrelevant is laughable. Haha I agree that it's poorly tracked, as much as I like the song there's no reason to have two versions of Shot In The Arm on the record, and Candyfloss should have been a (great!) b-side. Remember though that this was before the internets really took off and while the record industry was trying to make CDs a value added proposition by tacking on as many extra tracks as possible. What'd be cool is in the gap between records if they re-recorded Summerteeth with the new arrangements they've been doing and the new lineup. And t
  10. The new version is the best thing ever, the mp3 that someone posted a while back is what got me back on the Wilco bandwagon after so much SBS disappointment navel gazery. I'm OK with not liking the new songs so much now if they play killer versions of the old ones like they did on that Bonnaroo stream.
  11. Yeah, the file is kind of janked up but VLC just kept doing its thing for me so I saw all of it. It was good to see Mike looking more laid back, the whole band seemed like they had a really good time. Nels seems like he's a lot more comfortable adding to the older songs and some of these versions are the best the band has ever done, due in no small part to Nels being a monster.
  12. Yeah, this is pretty great. The new songs are still kinda iffy for me but I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (playing right now) is so awesome it makes it worth the download no matter what else shows up. I know people love the new one but man... Also: Mike in a t-shirt and shades, what the hell? haha.
  13. I was going to take a copy of that crowd shot and put text on that said "funeral or concert?" but that's too much work so just imagine I did that instead. Cool to see new photos though.
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