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  1. So what is this "Anniversary (aka Nothing Up My Sleeve)" tune everyone is referencing? I was also unfamiliar with "A Long Time Ago." Are those UT tunes?
  2. I'll let someone else post the set list. Here are my personal highlights/what I can recall: --Opened with "Someday Some Morning Sometime." Really wanted to see this one. --"One Sunday Morning." He said he hadn't tried it solo before. Mesmerizing. --"You Are Not Alone" One of Tweedy's best compositions IMHO --"Pecan Pie" He said it was the most requested on the website. Always a treat. --Closed with "Shot in the Arm" In no particular order: Not For The Season Ashes of American Flags I Am Trying to Break Your Heart One Wing Remember The Mountain Bed Born to Die Alone Bob Dylan
  3. 40 cents cheaper on eMusic than on iTunes, FWIW. EMusic is a must for music-lovers...
  4. Denver show at the Paramount Thursday 12/5. It's on the Paramount web site, but hasn't really leaked out yet. Onsale next Friday morning. Psyched!
  5. Good news: I spoke too soon. Atlanta recordings of both Weir/Wilco are up at etree.
  6. I fear that recordings will be hard to find if they aren't allowing taping. Dylan is known for not allowing tapers. Can anyone who's seen any of the Americanarama shows confirm whether they've seen mic stands. Commonplace at Wilco shows, but if you haven't seen any than sadly the best bet will be stealth (lower quality) recordings. Haven't seen anything on any live show torrent sites yet...
  7. Thanks for the fast report. Looks like a great night of music.
  8. His perspective is that the show was disappointing and that they should have played more originals. My perspective is that it looks like a truly once-in-a-lifetime set list and that he is failing to appreciate what he witnessed. If someone else has the right to complain, then I have the right to call them out if I think that dissatisfaction is unwarranted.
  9. If you walk away from a show like that with anything other than amazement that you've had a chance to experience something that every other Wilco fan would kill to experience, it may be a sign that you need to adjust your expectations--that's all I'm saying. Now I'm done too.
  10. When I wake up to view such an incredible set list and then go to via Chicago and find a few people complaining about too many covers and not enough originals, yeah, I think that's whining and people need to get a clue. Would you feel better if I'd said "Magazine Called Sunset" instead of "Jesus etc?"
  11. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, personally I think you're completely clueless if you're complaining about "too many covers." This is Wilco's own festival, and they played a great bunch of songs. Get a clue and learn to appreciate a once-in-a-lifetime experience instead of whining because they didn't play "Jesus etc" or "Impossible Germany." Both of those songs were played for the whole world to see on the Bonnaroo webcast. I guess Tweedy and the gang could walk on water and some people would still not be satisfied.
  12. FWIW, my wife--who hadn't seen Wilco in years--had the exact same reaction to "Via Chicago" night one at Red Rocks.
  13. Since others have mentioned it, I'll add that I'm pretty sure that Tweedy's comment about Friday's crowd being assholes was a joke. He had already asked who was there from the prior show, and followed up that joke by noting that "How can they be assholes if it's the same people as last night?"
  14. It's not that steep. Distance from stage to front row is a little larger than average. Sound in the first 50 rows is great. From around row 30 up, you also have a spectacular view of the foothills/flatlands east of the Amphitheatre. Rows are actually pretty roomy, so no fear of falling. In fact, if they built it today they'd probably make the rows (they're 70 or so of them) a little thinner to accomodate more people. Have seen probably 100+ shows there. The more I go, the more I appreciate it, especially when Wilco is onstage.
  15. You said it. I have such high expectations for this band and they never disappoint. Last night was a true gift to the fans. I haven't felt that exhilarated after a show since I had 3rd row for Madison Feb '10. And I had much better seats for Friday's show, which was also thoroughly enjoyable.
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