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  1. sounds promising im so keen for this, more than the last record for sure
  2. damo

    Pecan Pie

    http://www.gumbopages.com/music/wilco/songs/pecan.pie.txt found sorry
  3. damo

    Pecan Pie

    Anyone got the tab for this?
  4. how does roccoco not get you going, the music is awesome in that song
  5. just had first listen. my favourite was rococo, gonna go for round two shortly
  6. awesome thanks was trying that but only searching youtube, that volunteers songs is awesome is it on the new mini lp?
  7. hey wondering if you guys can help me out looking for a video and im pretty sure its of megafaun and its of them playing on a street maybe in europe like outside on the footpath at a cafe? any idea if this is megafaun and knows where i can watch it?
  8. awesome set list i wanted that for brisbane oh well still great! hope you guys down south are all having an awesome time wise enough you must be going crazy good luck with your "holiday"
  9. im more concerned about what jay is wearing
  10. he sure did, he brought back the arghts that were famous back in 07, anyway was an awesome set i was very pleased with it loved forget the flowers one of the highlights in my opinion, is it just me or it is more of a nels cline show these days, not complaininging but yeah... im glad they didnt play too many of the new album to be honest they arnt very enterainting live bar bull black nova.. anyway it was awesome up there with the best wilco ive seeen even the best... red eyed i got you was my highlight
  11. yeah id go straight for the red empire orchestra cd its awesome, just got this covers album so far its terrible suzanne is good though
  12. nice i didnt even know about either of these albums. hes a great artist idont know why hes not loved more, should be right up this forums alley
  13. is the guy who taped brisbane a couple years ago think it was 07 gonna do it again, i hope you do
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