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  1. How was the line up for will call tickets last night?
  2. I ended up getting a used BB Preamp. Haven't really gotten a chance to use it yet, though I have heard it is similar to the OCD. Here's hoping...
  3. Row J is pretty awesome too - Massey hall is so gorgeous, thats a good spot to take it all in...
  4. Toronto 2nd night row B, see you there!
  5. Toronto night 2, 2nd row.
  6. I have a pretty laughable question... On the frontgate website, do you think it is better to keep refreshing the pages with the list of all the shows, or the page for the individual show?? I know, I know...
  7. My morning jacket in Toronto. No openers, extended set.
  8. I have a Boss blues driver that I love. I use it mostly as a boost, but I am totally dependent on it in my set up. I have had it for over two years. Now it seems to be broken, I have tried it using both an ac adapter and a fresh battery. I was just wondering is this something that might be an extremely easy/cheap fix, or should I just bite the bullet and buy a new one? Thanks for your help!
  9. I agree with what everything you have said. But it takes a special player to stick fingers in someones eyes/mouths and it's ALWAYS a big deal on the ice when it happens. But you are right. I underestimated how much sheer joy I would experience seeing Thomas hold the cup in the air. I love that guy. What a class act. If there is a better story in the NHL right now, I haven't heard it. I hate the Bruins, but they deserved it.
  10. I am not defending the Canucks. I just prefer hockey over brain dead goonery. I have absoutley no problem with the Sedins not fighting. It's not their style. The hit on Horton sucked. I hated to see him hurt like that. And Burrows is an idiot. But the Rome hit is nothing we haven't seen from the Bruins this year. And if you stick your fingers into another players mouth, what to you expect to happen? Bergeron knew exactly what he was doing. It's nothing new.
  11. Neither team deserves to win the cup, just give it to Tim Thomas and let's all move on http://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/nhl/article/1008641--just-give-the-stanley-cup-to-tim-thomas-neither-team-deserves-it But seriously, I hate the Bruins. I don't care for the canucks, but I will throw up if the Bruins win, lol. Shawn Thornton's baby gorilla tantrums? Jack Edwards? Their brutish fans beating the crap out of Vancouver fans? Marchand's rat face. (how the hell does he get away with using Sedin's face as a punching bag?) The clueless Bruins fans who go insane when Vancouver tries to sell cal
  12. Thanks man. I have yet to dip into the archives. Thanks for leading me in the right direction.
  13. I apologize in advance if there is already a thread on this. The first time I heard this, I was not very impressed. But I after a couple listens, I absolutely love this. I think the dense production demands some patience and multiple listens. After the disappointment of MMJ's Circuital being just 'pretty good', I am really digging this release.
  14. I was really taken aback by Jeff's solo performance of Spiders here in Toronto last month. I was just wondering if this exists in some recorded form at all? Thanks
  15. If there is a good show in T.O there is a good chance you will see Dave or Brunt there!
  16. Last time MMJ played they played the Kool Haus on a Monday night. I was honestly surprised they didnt book Massey Hall. I was sure they would be doing Massey next time around. After seeing Jim play there with MOF, I was dying to hear his voice there again. Oh well.
  17. I love when crowds are quiet and respectful during acoustic shows. The only downside is hearing the whisper-singing of the people around you at a pretty loud level.
  18. I thought one wing sounded incredible live. I was just trying to figure out the chords he was playing, but ended up forgetting the changes. Man, I would love to be able to play that song like that. It looks like he played the intro with inverted power chords (not sure what else to call it( around the 9th fret. i could never figure out the intro before... end rant.
  19. Really, someone was doing that? Like laughing out loud? Or laughing when Jeff made funny faces when he messed up? Or simply laughing at the mistakes? wow
  20. I think I am going to just spam the hell out of Pieholden suite on the request page, and hope that thing is not frowned upon.
  21. This is awesome. Will definitely buy this. Enjoy the show tonight, Congrats! And Howie is awesome. I have probably seen him play with Hayden a dozen tmes...
  22. I just saw that Pieholden suite is in the top ten requested songs list for Toronto March 22. I think everyone should vote like crazy for that song!!!! I heard he played it solo last year, but i never got to hear it. Man, i would love to hear him do that one.
  23. "So now, twice, Muppet glory has been within my grasp"
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