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  1. The man known as "Jeff Tweedy" is actually six separate men, all of which are clones of the same person ("Big Boss") and each raised in different locations around the US. On each album, a different clone is used, and therefore a different approach using the same fundamentals is employed. For their next album, all tracks will be performed by one of the jeff tweedys vocally, with no real instruments being used (save cowbell, of course). It should be know, Tweedy #4 (YHF) is an excellent beat-boxer, while Tweedy #1 (A.M. and some Being There) is better at making a farting trumpet sound. Hope this
  2. Did anyone record this? I totally forgot about it and now I'm kicking myself. I tried to find it on their site but the website itself seems like it was designed by an eight year old.
  3. If you read Kot's book, Misunderstood suddenly makes even more sense. Still, one of my favorite songs. Being There is a fantastic album, especially for being Wilco's sophomore attempt.
  4. I bought an M Audio fasttrack and it works great. There's a better version of it for use with condensor mics that I wish I had bought, but whatever. It's also great because you can use digital guitar pedals and then route it out to an amp and basically save yourself thousands of dollars for pedals you only use once or twice.
  5. Did the Kronos Quartet perform a song by Sigur Ros at some point? edit - I mean ever, not just at the concert mentioned.
  6. Ah, thanks for the info. Didn't know that.
  7. It sounded like an imac mic... haha. That's the first thing I thought when I heard the vocals. I used to use mine to record so I had an ear for it. I figured that was a keyboard, I wish my guitar had that kind of sustain! Good job for just using Garageband.
  8. haha Glenn is so cool. I was browsing music in border's and noticed they had Mobile... right there in the front of the rack too! It was next to Korn though.
  9. I'm actually blind so billboards do little good.
  10. What was in those boxes he opened in the beginning? Crickets?
  11. I think the 'take off your bandaid 'cause I don't believe in touchdowns' is 'let down your guard, i'm not just trying to score' And 'you're quite a quiet domino' is a clever way of saying 'you're a pushover'. Of course it's all opinion. It's possible Jeff doesn't even know what he meant when he wrote them. Still, it's obvious that ambiguity is the ticket to depth when writing.
  12. I've lived in Chicago my entire life. The radio on my car is broken (or rather, the antenna) so I never listen to it. But I was in a friend's car and wanted to listen to it and had no idea.
  13. I just bought a Vox AC15. You may remember this amp being used by bands such as Wilco. I am in love with it currently. Next up... Stratocaster.
  14. I don't think that's raining on my parade. Major 7ths are still 7ths. I guess I could have specified, but I didn't say dominant so I don't think I was wrong. Was I wrong?
  15. What did you use to record this? The ambient electric guitar with all the distortion about 1:30 seconds in sounded great. I do a bit of recording so I'm curious to learn.
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