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  1. Not only have they been blocked, but it's by Warner when Wilco is under EMI now. Hmmm...
  2. Considering it bounced off of his right knee and his right knee was over the line, I can make the conclusion that the ball had to pass over the line in order to bounce off his knee.
  3. Score should be 4-3 Italy....the ball was over the line on the one shot and the one that was called offsides was definitely on. It's ok, Slovakia will lose in the knockout stage and Italy will come back with a vengeance for the Euro 12.
  4. For anyone interested, the new Blitzen Trapper album has leaked
  5. A.M.- I Must Be High, Box Full of Letters Being There- Say you Miss me, Monday Summerteeth- Summerteeth, When You Wake Up Feeling Old YHF- Pot Kettle Black, Poor Places AGIB- Hummingbird, Company in my Back SBS- You Are my Face, Walken WTA- One Wing, Deeper Down
  6. Most importantly, how was the new song...style, mood, etc.?!?!
  7. I love how there are already at least 5-6 listings on Ebay for the show as well. I can't wait to pay 90 dollars a ticket now
  8. I really can't believe Saturday at Montclair sold out already. It's not that small of a venue and not even Gaslight, a hometown band, sold out this fast.
  9. I think the simple familiar story allowed me to be pulled in by the characters and the world more easily. Plus Zoe Saldana showed off her acting skills big time. She probably wouldn't win but I could see a Best Actress nod. I can only imagine how hard it is to get into a role while wearing a ton of equipment and being in a green room. I think the sequels will bring a bit more depth to their stories.
  10. I'm going with Avatar as my number one flick of the decade easily. But There Will Be Blood, The Dark Knight, Eternal Sunshine, and Lord of the Rings Trilogy are right on up there too.
  11. I'm not entirely digging the only crowd sing along of Jesus...the rest of the show has been fantastic though
  12. I think they may have overplayed them in the US tours :\ I'm liking these European Tour setlists and can't wait for the webcast on Monday
  13. Yeah, this tour...but when they tour the east coast, each show is within a few hours drive usually. Touring the midwest is much different haha, the 30 miles part doesn't apply
  14. My thought on this is yes they play long shows and now they are throwing in rarities to the setlist. But when they play multiple shows in the same area, they tend to play the same basic 20 songs and add only 3 or 4 non-regulars. If they are playing a few nights within 30 miles of each other, they should try and switch it up then. I can only hear shot in the arm so many times!
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