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  1. I was halfway through that vid at the end before I realized he was playing with Wilco...
  2. Damn.. I was hoping for Hell is Chrome in Halifax.. next time!
  3. Yeah, there is just the tour poster with all the dates on it. There were only 700 prints made and I know the one I bought was 622, so I'm not sure how many are going to be left after tonight's show. Oh - and mine's getting mounted today with all 6 signatures. Alright, that was a little braggy, but I'm just so stoked. haha
  4. What can I say - what an awesome show. Despite the technical issues that they had, I thought it was an amazing performance and hope that we aided in boosting the energy for the band. Halifax has been known for it's great indie music scene, and I wasn't about to let this event pass by and have the band leave and think "well that was rather boring". Hopefully my mission was a success. This was my first Wilco show after years and years of bad timing, vacation screw-ups, and even mother nature preventing me from seeing them (even while living in New England). So - the set list could have be
  5. Thanks for the heads up... that is great news. For some reason I was thinking this was going to be sans-Nel which would suuuck.
  6. I'm going to be catching the Halifax show this Wednesday.. then possibly road trip to New Brunswick. Can anyone tell me what members are touring? There was a nice article in our local indie-zine about our fav band, but the front page shot was just the four-piece. Who's on stage?
  7. Nice.. capers always make a good party better!
  8. Got my tickets 20 minutes ago... anyone else from on here going to go? I wonder how long until the pre-sale sells out.
  9. christ, i hope it's not that hard in halifax!! I think they're selling 3,000
  10. Shit, missed that post. Thanks!
  11. I've waited so long to see Wilco come to Halifax, Nova Scotia! Very excited! One of those bands that I've missed by days over the years, but am a HUGE fan... Anyone else from out this way that will be going to the show?
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