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  1. Failed to mention that I am not a big fan of The Whole Love but thought the came off great live, Especially I Might. That song has always irritated me, but loved it last night.
  2. Stellar show! Not a bad seat in the house, respectful crowd, and a band still on fire. Thought Jeff's voice sounded very strong. Great time for a family visiting from NH. My 6 year old drumming phenom thought Glenn's pose during ITMWLY was about the coolest thing ever.
  3. EV and Pj, Wilco, and Neil Finn.....what a show that would be! One can dream.....
  4. chooch

    7/11 Lowell

    Don't knock on Ed......I am still waiting for my ultimate triple bill...Wilco, Pearl Jam and Neil Finn, There are a lot of connections (7 worlds, I'm not there, Jim O'Rourke, Ed's praise of Wilco, integrity) between the three despite the musical differences between Wilco and Pj. Eddie is for real
  5. Any tailgating at the park? Lowell Beerworks and other local pubs may be crowded
  6. Hey, I am right up the road on NH coast. Wondering if tailgating is possible at the ballpark in Lowell. Thank in advance. PS Any local Wilco surfers out there?
  7. I love Vedder and am excitied to see what his voice (although not a great singer per say) will bring to this backing band. I just wish is was a different song though. If anybody cares Vedder also has a "solo" album in Sept. It is the Into THe WIld soundtrack.
  8. As they say...I am wicked sorry
  9. Apparaently Nels is part of this band that is doing some back up on the Dylan Cd. THe band will back up Eddie Vedder (whom I am a fan of) and more. Also includes members of Sonic Youth.
  10. plays better piano in Wilco than Leroy and Jay.... Are Leroy Bach and Chuck Prophet the same person?
  11. I was just strapping my surfboard to the roof of my car and was laughing out loud about Glenn standing with his sticks above his head in killer rock star pose during the intro ITMWLY. Killer version by the way. A neighbor caught me laughing, but he just wouldn't understand.
  12. He thanked Volkswagon for the budget to get the Owl.....very funny
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