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  1. Call me clueless if you must but: What happened last time?
  2. I also am interested in a B&P of this show. I was there and it was an excellent show (my first Wilco show)! PM me or send me an e-mail at madskier6@comcast.net if you're interested. Many thanks.
  3. That's the one!! Always plays it on Walken. It's incredible. What year was that thing made (approx.)??
  4. I really like the sound that comes out of Jeff's red hollow-body guitar he's been playing on this recent tour. Is that a Gibson? He most prominently played it on Walken at the recent Pines Theater show (Florence, MA). He may have used it on another tune as well but Walken definitely sticks in my mind especially with the intense electric guitar sounds throughout that song. I love that %*$#ing thing. It barks out those riffs really well and Jeff plays it great. Your thoughts on this guitar?
  5. Just got back from the Pines' show. Excellent show without a doubt!! Kingpin in concert has taken on a life all its own (which I welcome). This song, when played LOUD during one of the encores as it was tonight, completely *%@#ing ROCKS!! I always liked this song on Being There but I like their recent live versions very much. Walken has quietly crept up on me as my favorite new song that they've been playing live on this tour. What a Light and Impossible Germany sounded really great tonight as well. Walken is a solid guitar tune and I love the slide (and other) guitar playing on th
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