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  1. Any Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation fans here? If I was not mistaken, A Magazine Called Sunset just on the Australia episode that's on right now. It was background music during the intro to the Chinatown segment in Melbourne.
  2. Haha. Was this near the speakers to the right of the stage? I was standing near a similar sounding female who just refused to let people pass.
  3. That's perfect. I had the idea that the first stanza did kind of sum the whole song up but "shakes the stairs" and "stabs the wall" really confused me. Thanks!
  4. Genuine Day will come When the wind Decides to run And shakes the stairs That stab the wall And turns a page In a future age Some trees will bend And some will fall But then again So will us all Let's turn our prayers To outrageous dares And mark our page In a future age High above The sea of cars And barking dogs In fenced-in yards I was just wondering what you guys thought these lyrics mean, specifically the first stanza. I understand the rest of the song but the first stanza makes little sense to me.
  5. after about 6 listens, i still cannot get into 'Shake it Off.' I think for me, it's the 'I'm a Wheel' of SBS.
  6. http://forums.viachicago.org/index.php?showtopic=27180 there you go YouAReMYface
  7. Either Way maybe the sun will shine today the clouds are blowing away maybe i wont feel so afraid i will try to understand either way maybe you still love me maybe you don't either you will or you won't maybe you just need some time alone i will try to understand everything has its plan either way i'm going to stay right, for you (this line?) maybe the sun will shine today the clouds will roll away maybe i wont be so afraid i will understand everything has its plan either way That's what I hear.
  8. Oh man, I can't believe i forgot about this. I read my email but still went out last night. Could I get a PM too? Thanks
  9. AM: Passenger Side / Casino Queen BT: Sunken Treasure / Dreamer in My Dreams Summerteeth: She's a Jar / ELT YHF: Jesus Etc / I'm The Man Who Loves You More Like The Moon: More Like the Moon / Camera AGIB: Theologians / I'm A Wheel Kicking Television: Misunderstood / Kicking Television
  10. I think the best sounding "What Light" is from the Toronto show. The quality from Florence isn't the best.
  11. Haha, what a cool name to have. I love the photo with guy and the moose antlers. They're all great photos.
  12. I think I hear "one light" at the end of the Florence show.
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