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  1. (And finally, for you late comers, lollygaggers, and plain old leechers, here are all the new songs zipped up, including, but not limited to: Either Way, Impossible Germany, Is that the thanks I get, On & On & On, The Good Part (its old, i know, but so are you and we dont complain), Walken, What Light?, and of course, Lets Fight. (all mp3): http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...6A500A00F6107A4 Hope you guys enjoy, and let the namecalling begin!! rock.gif) Could the guy who posted this could u please upload it again???????? if so thank you
  2. My friend actually knows the band, and has been listening to them for a couple of yearsan they are very good, also they just released their major label debue on v2 records. So go check em out
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