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  1. This thread hits home, big time. Nobody...and I mean virtually NOBODY I mention them to knows who Wilco are but yet when I go to their concerts here in the Detroit area, the place is always packed with the greatest people. And I always ask myself; "Self...who are these people?" "Where have they been?" In retrospect I guess I kinda like that Wilco flys under the radar, makes it easy to get good tickets and I never have to worry about them playing some crappy arena. I like my theater shows, thank you very much.
  2. I was in the 5th row and I asked the guy about it afterwards. He said Jeff confiscated the camara because he was taking pictures. Actually, Jeff was really nice about it. He came out and shook the guy's hand and explained everything to him. I still think Wilco should get involved with these guys; Encore Series. I understand that they have an open-taping policy and that's fine, they can keep that, but I'd like to be able to buy something that was professionally recorded and not have to worry about having something to trade so I can download some guy's bit torrent file. Besides, I ain't
  3. I've been to 3 Wilco shows (I know, not a lot) and this one was by far the best. I can't wait for them to come back.
  4. I agree with Beltmann's response. If I can expand on it a bit, I think what lies at the foundation of "Theologians" is the acknowledgement that the Bible is open to so many interpretations and essentially it's why we have so many different Christian religions. One religion takes a verse from the bible one way while another takes it a different way. All that song is saying is, "I'll decide for myself....I don't need you to think for me." I think Jeff Tweedy is like a lot of us. Faith/non-Faith is a big step in someones life. After much soul searching you ultimately go with what your hear
  5. The shows are Columbia, Montreal, and Meadowbrook that I got from a friend. The sound quality is pretty good (from the sound board). I pointed this out to a friend and he thought it sounded messed up too. I wish they would do it acoustically. Sorry for the "S". Apologies all around.
  6. I hate it. I've been listening to music my whole life and I'm pretty sure I know by now when something sounds right and when something sounds f*cked up. I have a bunch of live recordings of that song with Nel and his guitar sounds like it's out of tune. Either that or he's trying to do something different in the song that is just not working. The 1 minute of footage on IATTBYH where they rehearse the song on stage sounds perfect, I always thought that THAT is what that song should sound like live. All due respect to Nel of course...but it just isn't happening on that song. Or hell ma
  7. Jay Bennett was cool. I liked when he quoted himself on the DVD. How cool is that....quoting yourself? Hell since I saw the DVD I've been quoting myself every chance I get.
  8. The guy at Wharton Center told me today that it's at the MSU Auditorium and it was just remodeled and they don't have a new seat chart online yet. However, he had one in front of him and told me where my seats were. Mine are row DD seats 30-31 main floor. He said row AA is the first row so it puts me in row 4 about 3 seats off from center, if that helps.
  9. I just got tickets today from Wilcoworld.net. My first time using it. They must not have had many tickets available for the presale. I kept refreshing the page right up the moment you could order and I jumped in right away and put down for 2. I got 4th row main floor. A couple of other friends of mine were doing the same thing and one lost out on getting seats together while the other one got shut out. Wow those tickets went fast. I got lucky, it must be this T-3 line I'm on here at work. Fast as lightening. Did anyone else have any luck?
  10. They're basically selling some stuff from their online store and some Kicking Television inventory that they're trying to get rid of. I think as the tour winds down you will see less and less stuff available. At London the guy was crossing off sizes of shirts that he no longer had. That tells me they are trying to clear out inventory to make way for new stuff.
  11. I would love to see Wilco get involved with these guys; TheMusic.com. It's called The Encore Series. Basically a recording of the show you saw taken off the soundboard and professionally packaged. I have a few of these from some Peter Gabriel shows and the sound is incredible. Plus Wilco would get a peice of the action.
  12. I was at the show Saturday. Drove up from Detroit with some friends. I didn't mind Centennial Hall...I thought it sounded good. Although I was up against the stage right in the center. LOL!!! I do agree though...it reminded me of a high school gym. The girl that went up on stage was standing right in front of me, I think her name was Mary. I was chatting with her for a while before the show. Some really cool people that are into this band. I really wanted to stick around and try to meet the band afterwards but it was 11pm and we had a 2 hour ride home to Michigan. I'll try in East Lan
  13. Alright....I changed the title. Too distracting I guess. LOL!!!!
  14. My friends and I drove up from Detroit to see the show in London, Ontario last night. This was my first Wilco show and I think I had what can best be described as a religous experience. This band is amazing. They sounded so damn good. The show was general admission so I was right there pressed up against the stage. Jeff was quiet for about the first hour and then started talking to the crowd. I have heard this is pretty much the case with him for any show you go and see. He had a cast on his leg and almost tripped over some wires when he came out to sing Hummingbird. I'll say this abou
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