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  1. I heard bill Walton is headed out for phish tour now
  2. theres a reason old boy has neck problems. he is the NUMBER ONE reason Wilco has gone from 1000 seat venues to 5000 seat venues and that aint no joke. he turns on everyone from old deadheads to punk rockers.
  3. VERY SIMPLE CRITIQUE after one listen.............. This aint no Tweedy record this is a WILCO record! I can hear everyone giving their all separately on every track!
  4. its all about the clothes and haircuts for me!
  5. if you want to see what the whole love is about IMO all you need to do is watch the NPR small desk concert they did right after. so good!
  6. Wilco doesn't play "weve been had" so sorry bro..............try it on some hippie forum
  7. ummmm buddy I think youre on the wrong message board for sure
  8. WOW! Thanks! I figured the mods had cut me off for obnoxiousness
  9. Hillary does have to be very careful not to act like she has it in the bag like she kinda did last time.......... The one thing I think they REALLY REALLY should do differently is play President Bill Clinton UP in the campaign and not try and hide him like they did last time. I mean even if you are to the left of Hillary and don't want her I think that the idea of getting both of them as a team for the price of one is a HUGE selling point but what do I know??? I do know dumb American like underdogs and you cant act like you have it wrapped up...........I also know my SUPER CONSERVATIVE uncle
  10. I posted some thread the other day that was called the "Three Most Underrated Wilco Songs" and......... Multiple ding dongs answered "Country Dissapeared" and posted that link to the youtube vid and now I have watched that damn video no less than 20 times and now I cant get the lyrics out of my head and walk around all damn day singing in my head................ You've got the white clouds hanging so high above you You got the helicopters dangling, angling to shoot PS I cant seem to cut or paste anything into viachicago anymore
  11. I vote that the album and songs are ALLSOMENESS squared!! Summer Noon, High as Hello, Low Key and Nobody Dies Anymore are all in the top class of Jeff Tweedy's output.
  12. did yall see the dad rock thing where Donald Fagen is writing for Rolling Stone this week?? great litte reads but I have trouble posting links here for some reason. can someone post them?
  13. seems like Hardywood from right here in Richmond VA is getting a lot of national attention.
  14. haha I started an anti BBN thread one time and then changed my mind when I watched that ACL version thanks for reminding me of that Country Disappeared video. Ive watched it 4 times today
  15. not sure what the River Run Lodge is in Ketchum Idaho. I guess its like Sun Valleys lodge or something but I GUARANTEE that would be one to make a beautiful drive and small show. that would be the one to go to. did anyone on here ever make that Marfa Texas show?? probably not that small but will be epique I believe
  16. damn I totally forgot about Comment (If all men are truly brothers) I cried when they did it at the 930 club. The crowd was getting kinda thin ( I think It was a weeknight and long show) and I ended up right at Jeffs feet and they killed that song.
  17. oh yeah I love me some Too Far Apart and some That's not the Issue because I absolutely love every single song on AM for some reason.
  18. 1. You are My Face 2. Wishful Thinking 3. Hell is Chrome
  19. yeah N Korea tested the weapon because we were inches away from historic meeting between North and South Korea and making things really happen when Bush took Florida and came into office. He destroyed the entire deal and went into psycho boy mode with darth vader at his side. he blew that deal in the absolute worst way. we had been working on that hard as hell for straight years. disgusting and sad.
  20. Its funny. This sounds like EXACTLY what the folks on the right say they want. Letting the free market decide. And so it is. And so they are still crying. Whats new. If I had a penny for every time the right cried wolf in the last 6 years Id give it all to GLAAD.
  21. so when the lunch counters in the 60s refused to serve black folks should we have just let the "free market" decide the fate of the lunch counters or should we have passed some laws that FORCE what some might call civility to your fellow human beings IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA??? Were talking about our country here. Not the entire globe. If you don't like laws that discourage what those of us on the left (or wherever) think is discrimination then move your azz to Russie ya commie!
  22. religion should only be taken into account when writing textbooks for young children. they must know about adam and eve and the ark or how and the hell will they be able to critically think for themselves!
  23. you think Ted Cruz is whack?? don't even think about googling his father Rafael. He is literally completely insane and yes Hixter he has the right to say the things he does but folks have the right to call him a psychotic assneck. Its funny I was reading some comments the other day about the UVA kid that got bashed about by the ABC agents here in VA and some old right wing man was saying the people protesting (lying in the street) that and Michael Brown were not just using their first amendment rights but they were bums that should be arrested. He/she commented that it was exactly like yelli
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