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  1. http://consequenceof...ong-the-leaves/ "For lack of a more coherent assessment, not knowing how I feel about it actually IS how I feel about it." http://stereogum.com/1045732/album-of-the-week-sun-kil-moon-among-the-leaves/top-stories/lead-story/ "Every time I hear one of those songs, I get a little stomach twinge of annoyance, but that comes along with a sort of admiration. Plenty of songwriters probably think the way Kozelek does, but the man deserves credit for leaving it all out in the open, watering down none of it, making no attempt to make himself seem likable. And he’s also reall
  2. http://www.pitchfork.com/features/interviews/8845-mark-kozelek/ interesting read re: the thoughts behind an interesting album.
  3. great show at the bijou in knoxville last night. fourth row. she is captivating...in so many ways.
  4. definitely worth a listen...i view them as sort of a "dvd extra/commentary" on yhf meaning that it's a neat "backstory" to where the songs came from (and could have been). also, essential to the whole commentary/backstory to the album is the documentary by sam jones that if you've not seen, see it!
  5. my sentiment exactly! glad to hear some of you are giving it a shot and liking it. i'm wearing it out.
  6. portlandia is great. really, really like it. never listened to sleater-kinney but tried the wild flag album. maybe i'll give it another shot. i'll have to follow her on twitter.
  7. came here to post the atlantic story. crow beat me to it! good read. spinning yhf presently.
  8. ah meth...if there ever is to be a zombiepocalypse, this, my friends, this will be the cause. sarah, my wife works as a social worker for the state just a county or so north of you (monroe), and she has to remove kids all. the. time. because of this abomination that causes desolation (as mentioned...the rewiring of the brain). and, high heat...i've backpacked the at from springer to just north of the nolichucky river in east tn/western nc. the zero day i took in hot springs, nc was eye opening. i honestly thought i was in a george a. romero movie. i wanted to go to a pawn shop and get a
  9. so...i fully expect to have stones thrown at me for this post, but i've been streaming this from NPR for the past few days, and i can't get enough of it. i think it is really good, and it definitely doesn't sound like the typical norah jones i've ever heard (not that there is anything wrong with that sound, necessarily). it has a definite "indie" sound to it, and i'll be interested to see how the general public take to it because of this. out this tues (streaming now), if anyone is interested.
  10. this is my feeling exactly: bad ass. like, listening to this album makes me feel like one. great riffs, song structure is all over the place but well done. i read a really long article about jack white in the NYT a couple weeks ago, and my take-away from it was that he is a pretentious twat (i'll borrow that description, thankyouverymuch), so i don't really know why i even gave this a chance. i mean, i've never spent any real time with any of his previous efforts. anyway, i'm glad i gave this a shot because now i can't stop listening to it!
  11. I glanced at this on RSD, and determined that for the $40, I didn't need it partially because several of the tracks they released on Vol. III were available somewhere because I had several of them on a playlist called "Outta Print/Outta Mind." I agree that the PF review said very little in its rather wordy (par for the course) review. I was actually a bit surprised by their 8.1...not that I don't like the sessions, but that I just didn't see them giving such a high score to it.
  12. good riddance...those things were SO hard to steal. (totally kidding btw. i didn't steal music until napster ...which could, at this point, have it's own entry in "the nostalgia thread.")
  13. have you watched "i am trying to break your heart?" for some reason, i guess due to the scene with the strings towards the end where they are trying to decide how it should sound, i've always associated this song lyrically with YHF the album, like jeff is singing it to the album that almost wasn't. i think it's a perfect end to a perfect album, outro and all.
  14. that's cool! thanks for sharing that. it is the early zeppelin that i heard in them, so this makes sense to me for them to cover this.
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