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  1. That's Beatles or Dylan question is very very difficult. Both are incredibly saturated with infinite amounts of inspiration and moments of pure genius, but I think Dylan hits me in a more gut level. The Beatles music is beautiful music, no doubt about it. It's just as eternal and revolutionar as Dylan's music is, but, to me, Dylan, in his most perfect and inspired, sounds like life, much like A Love Supreme sounds like life. It's difficult and a part of me really can't decide, but I'll go with Dylan.. Beatles.. (dylan) And as much as I like country based music here and there, the whole realm
  2. I certainly don't think they are 'overrated' and if you think they are, then you're listening to the wrong people. There aren't the Best of the best, because that's where favoritism comes in but they are definitely among the dozen greats (some of you mentioned the Stones and Dylan etc) All you need to know is that they all fall into the category of great and incredibly influential bands who wrote a great batch of incredibly beautiful tunes. It's funny because I've recently been reading Geoff Emerick's book on the Beatles and reading about the early '62-'63 recordings actually makes me listen
  3. Here's a PDF of Mark Lewisohn's "The Complete Beatles Chronicle", for anyone that wants it. http://rapidshare.com/files/150795491/CmpltBtlsChrncl.rar And here's Lewisohn's "The Complete Recording Sessions: The Official Story of the Abbey Road Years 1962-1970" http://megaupload.com/?d=XD05Y5P3 (it truly is mind-bogglingly how many incredible noteworthy Beatles books there are out there, including books on individual Beatles and anything Beatles related. that shit is beyond belief. i'm slowly going insane trying to find books that are worth purchasing.)
  4. I bought The Complete Beatles Chronicle for $15 at Strand Annex (which is now defuncted, unfortunately, since it was a lovelier smaller version of the main Strand Bookstore on Broadway and 12th here in NYC). They have Lewisohn's Complete Recording Sessions for 20 dollars now and I have to pick that up as soon as possible. In the meantime, I borrowed the '88 edition from the library, along with Emerick's book and "Every Little Thing: The Definitive Guide to Beatles Recording Variations, Rare Mixes & Other Musical Oddities" by William McCoy and Mitchell McGeary, a book that's mostly disorgan
  5. I think the Past Masters are vastly superior to the Mono masters. Vastly. "The Inner Light" especially. It's not awful but the Past Masters just sound much better. But when it comes to the White Album, I think that's the album that sounds really good on mono, even on headphones. In fact, I think all mono's sound good on headphones. It all comes down to listening to the music and especially the vocals in both ears, instead of just hearing Paul or John or George singing in your right ear exclusively. Headphones or not, it's not detrimental in my eyes.
  6. I get the feeling that it was meant to be recorded quietly like that, because of not only the subject matter but the way the song builds and progresses. It's interesting that they recorded 67 takes of the song until the wee hours of the morning, George being in good spirits and all. It also sounds much better and clearer on the remaster, but like I said, the Mono sounds just as good and I actually prefer listening to George's voice in both ears. But stereo/mono, it's still the same song. Not much difference in this particular track.
  7. It's tiring to read so many different takes on these remasters, most of them being rehashed questions and uninformed judgments over and over and over again. Like the whole 'Mono vs Stereo war' crap, which is mostly subjective, but to read nonsense like the Mono remasters are 'useless' or that they is 'no difference whatsoever' is just ridiculous. The White Album, as it's been known for years now, is the only true album where Mono and Stereo is truly pro and con. Stereo is missing stuff and mono is missing stuff. I personally prefer listening to The White Album on Mono, listening to John's lyri
  8. nice dude. i could have gone to this show but was unfortunately busy tonight. good to know someone recorded it. 44 'nothing's', wow haha. whats the highest 'nothing' count again, on Misunderstood?
  9. terrible news. gone too soon. RIP Jay. you will definitely be missed.
  10. So glad this is streaming finally. Can't wait to give it a good listen.
  11. i suggest everyone in here watch Zeitgeist and call it a night.
  12. what a sweet setlist. and sweet photos.. ..from Fakebook and Doctor Zizmor's respective Flickrs
  13. The one that have been released must have sold out already. I found out too late haha.
  14. all i ask is that someone record this show, and record it well. i'm an idiot for not getting tickets :/
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