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  1. Don't worry guys. I could take a little common board etiquette and not very much could scare me from reading these great boards. You guys arent as big of dicks as some of the guys on radiohead and dylan boards. Ha.
  2. Well i am what they would call a n00b to these boards....so sorry about that...
  3. Upon arriving to the Target Center in Minneapolis for a Barack Obama rally, i had no idea i would be seeing one of my heros as well. As i sat in my seat waiting for everything to begin, Jeff Tweedy and Golden Smog walked out on stage and started playing. They played about a 45 minute set and let everyone know how big of Obama supporters they were. That was a shock of a lifetime because i had no idea they were playing and neither did the huge Wilco fans that i went with. We were all freaking out and all that jazz. Sorry if this has been discussed but i just thought i would bring it up. Go Obama
  4. Hola! Who is all attending the show in duluth? I will be there but I have never been to the venue......has anyone here been to baypoint park or know anything about it? Does anyone know how the turnout was last year in duluth? Thanks much....
  5. Awesome artwork....great follow-up to agib's egg.....
  6. You can also check it out on one of jeff's fanspaces- You Can Download it Here
  7. Chronicles 1 is an amazing read i would have to say....
  8. Who is gonna be coming out of your stereo when someone asks you to play your favorite artist between dylan and wilco? Who would be your choice? Dylan show or Wilco show? Dinner with Jeff or Bob? YHF or Blonde on Blonde?
  9. check dimeadozen, i bet they would have it somewhere.......
  10. A quick break wouldnt be that bad, but for g.a. shows it might get out of hand.
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