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  1. I've always loved Pegg's projects but Seth Rogen gives me the howling fantods...
  2. The title you give to a problem does not make it make it more noticeable/relevant to the willfully ignorant.
  3. agree with several mentioned, but couldn't see... Silver Jews - American Water Built to Spill - Perfect From Now On + Keep It Like a Secret Dinosaur Jr - You're Living All Over Me there's isn't a note i would change on those albums
  4. been a few mentioned already that i agree with but of those i didn't see... a lot of the TV on the Radio stuff has vocals i can't get past always skipped any Pavement song Spiral Stairs sang on and, therefore, avoided Preston School of Industry also just about any song in history where they use a vocoder
  5. predictions for the first round? SJ over COL 4-1 Avs stumbling too much heading into the playoffs CHI over NSH 4-3 VAN over LA 4-2 PHX v DET is a tough one, hoping for PHX 4-3 WSH over MTL 4-0 NJ over PHI 4-2 though the Flyers have some momentum BOS over BUF 4-3 Rask v Miller should be great PIT over OTT 4-2 Malkin will get back to top form
  6. May your shade be sweet And float upon the lakes Where the sun will be Made of honey
  7. the Devils are looking pretty fearsome with the addition of Kovalchuk... i guess Lou really sees the window for cups closing sooner than later with Brodeur's age
  8. not in any real order... Silver Jews - American Water Pavement - CRCR Pavement - S & E Pavement - Brightne the Corners Wilco - Summerteeth Wilco - Being There The Pixies - Trompe Le Monde Dinosaur Jr - Where You Been Dinosaur Jr - Green Mind Beck - Mutations Neutral Milk Hotel - Aeroplane Radiohead - OK Comp Radiohead - The Bends You Am I - Hourly, Daily Mazzy Star - Among My Swan Jeff Buckley - Grace Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy Built to Spill - Perfect From Now On The Breeders - Last Splash Tool - Opiate Rage Against the Machine - RATM Kristin Hersh - Hips and Makers Nirvana - In Utero an
  9. if the person was raised on Perry Como and Claudio Villa i might understand their point...
  10. In 27 years I've drunk fifty thousand beers & they just wash against me like the sea into a pier.... Silver Jews, Trains Across the Sea Maybe college radio? Augie March wrote an album centred on booze (Strange Bird) which gets play here in Australia.
  11. To be, A bee, a moth. Four wings spread for the soft last touch Of glory sun, Remembering blood plums and lips and lemons - One hundred different suns In a hundred different heavens. Spied from a rowboat - Stroke, nought is spoken, Before you know it, the spell is broken, You might wonder where you are, Floating on the reservoir. I have counted the notes We landed here not many years ago And it was not a pretty song that we composed: La, la, la, the early bird he knows, You hang from the cherry bough When you're lichen yourself, and leave - The cold cold scent of stone and mulch, The great s
  12. Country Disappeared Bull Black Nova One Wing Deeper Down Impossible Germany At Least That's What You Said Muzzle of Bees Wishful Thinking Handshake Drugs I Am Trying To Break Your Heart Ashes of American Flags Poor Places She's a Jar Pieholden Suite Via Chicago Laminated Cat Wreckroom Remember the Mountain Bed Misunderstood Gun
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