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  1. Yep that was exactly it. It was in the south endzone. Only a few hundred in stands after the Fire game.
  2. Quite a bit different from when she booked bands at cubby..l
  3. Also, Crash Palace.... owned (if I remember) by Jourgensen from Ministry, also of legend as the place where Cobain met Courtney Love... now Delilahs
  4. The scrubby Cubby wouldn't be THAT out of the question. Sue Miller was the booker at the Cubby pre- and early-years of Lounge Axe. And Uncle Tupelo played there (yes, I'm dating myself).
  5. At the height of John Hiatt mania here in Chicago (early-mid 90s, same time BoDeans, Smithereens and Poi Dog mania was happening), he did the "Incredible Shrinking Tour" and ended up at Schubas the last night. BTW, got my two. Excited...
  6. Yea.... i bet you are right. somewhere in rural oklahoma is probably more hardcore than brooklyn, san francisco, boston, **everywhere**
  7. Another great episode. Starting to come around on Steve Zahn's character. Especially since I've since read that he is actually toned down a bit from the person he is based on... Davis Rogan. Huge crush on Annie the fiddler. Was hoping Sonny/Annie wouldn't be Zach Bowen/Addie Hall, but it's looking more and more like it is.
  8. That scene where Clarke Peters (don't know his characters name yet) is marching down the road in the Mardi Gras indian gear to visit his old friend is one of those classic David Simon scenes that is really just spellbinding and haunting. So great. I just really hope Steve Zahn playing the "typical Steve Zahn role" is not going to be a continued focus of the show. Quite painful and unlikable. Love the walkons of the locals and musicians (especially Kermit Ruffin's scenes). I'm sure fans following the Treme news know... but the John Goodman character is based on a professor at DePaul name
  9. If you weren't at the Miles Kurosky show last night at Schubas... it was excellant. Abbey and Eli Crews are still playing with him, so lots of Beulah love in the room. He's been posting notices on his tour stops that he needs horns in each city, and to just come down to the venue to play. Last night Max and the crew played w/ them. There were a couple of extra folks there as well, but they sounded great with him. Miles made a comment about how great they sounded, and, of course, a guy in the audience did the chicago accent affected "Total Pros".
  10. This thread reminds me... how does the best band world have the absolute worst concert crowds of any touring act. Seeing the comments here, and the behavior (which happens at all shows) and the idiots trying to "out obscure" each other by yelling out the song requests (pose 1: "Tupelloooo soonnngggg", pose 2: "ummm, ummm, Loose Furrr sonnggg", pose 3: "Oh yeah, ummmm, obscure coverrrrr"). It makes the shows unbearable. And yes, I know the same sucky crowd was doing this in the mid 90s.
  11. It's fraud. And it's similar to the Bruce Springsteen judgement against these same sites last month. Get used to it.... more to come with the TicketMaster/LiveNation monopoly.
  12. Yeah, I'm sorta the same way. I was going to head out and catch the late show at River East, but ended up with Red Cliff 1 AND 2.
  13. i live so close to the pavilion I can see it from my front stoop... the bars that are probably closest are Stanley's on Racine, just north of the highway. About 2 blocks due north of the front door. As well as Union Park, which is about a block north of Stanleys. Stanleys has a southern vibe... wall is plastered with country music/classic rock album covers, decent food, good beer. Supposed to look "divey". Union Park is a McPub that skews towards the sports bar type. On Vernon Park is the legendary Tuffano's Vernon Park Tap (Vernon Park is the street bordering the south of the UIC Pav
  14. Complete bummer as the initial reviews are saying this is a complete trainwreck. Variety says it looks as though the filmakers hacked the movie up based on test screenings and that Viggo is pretty awful
  15. Yes, I'm starting to think it won't be released either. The newspapers didn't release the cause of death of Norm Van Lier (former Bulls star for those not in Chicago), though they dropped plenty of hints about depression, etc.
  16. Just think... in about 10 years, kids will be asking what "J-School" was.
  17. Not purely a Manchester box set (though the classic bands are included), the Brit Box release from a couple years back by Rhino is a great starting point. Also, please let this be the diversion for the person who is thinking about submitting "Don't Cry Out Loud"
  18. From the mind of Jay Bennett: "Hmmmm... $5 divided by $50,000 equals.... ummmm ....10,000 "$5 Footlongs"!!!!!!"
  19. I bet he didn't tell the original poster about this!!! So much for inside scoop.
  20. pretty impressive SNL gave them the very rare 3 songs in the broadcast...
  21. Their rehearsal included Jim Boquist (former Son Volt) and Michael Bland on drums.
  22. Because it was better than "Black Shampoo"
  23. I have to say.... I really like that song "Fix It". I just think of that Kenan Thompson character from SNL everytime I hear it. Papers said Allstate Arena wasn't very full either.
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